He Loves Me.

I think there is not enough love in the world and that is why people are hurting. People try to fill in the need for love with education, money, prestige, philanthropy, travel, you name it, but nothing works. The sadness is still there. The emptiness is still there. The number of people on antidepressents in the US has risen exponentially since they were first invented. Why? Why is there so little real joy? Mother Theresa said the biggest disease in America is loneliness. But if you find someone does it fill the hole? What about when they are away at work, or when they just don't understand what you are going through? We look to our mates to fill in the emptiness and no one can really do that for anyone else. IT is too high a demand.
I asked God to draw me closer to Christ. I know HE died to take away the sins of the world and everyone says He loves me. But HE loves everyone and I have a very human desire to be special. I also want to be needed. People say to praise God and love God but they never tell you why. Tonight I had a revelation. God has needs. Yes,needs. HE created us because He was lonely. HE needs our love and affirmation just as we need love and affirmation from eachother. I wondered what the big deal was about gratitude. God needs to hear that we are happy with what HE has given us. I gave my husband a stocking full of treats yesterday and he said nothing, left it on the desk. That hurt my feelings. I wanted to make him happy and it just didn't work. Jesus died for me. It is personal. HE loves us equally but not the same. He knows I'm unique and HE reaches me and loves me in ways I can understand. I fellowship with him, just the two of us, time alone with God. And He gives me His undivided attention. I thought HE had no time for me. A personal relationship with Jesus fulls the love hole in me and gives me joy. I realize that even if I was the only person on Earth who had sinned, Jesus would have gone through the crucifixtion just for me. HE loves me that much. I'm that important to Him. He doesn't think " I did it, if you want it go for it, if not, you're on your own." No, He desperately wants me to get it . He wants everyone to get it, not to rescue us from Hell but because His love for us is so great He really wants to spend eternity loving us. He wants us in Heaven. HE would miss us greatly if we were not there. Now I have a personal relationship with Jesus. And I praise God because I know it makes HIm happy and He needs it. When I praise God I get goosebumps of joy and I feel the Holy Spirit all over me. It is the quickest way out of depression. The saddest thing on earth is a person who doesn't know how much they are loved. People are killing themselves every day over it. God cries. He loves them so much. If only they knew. I want part of my life's mission to be telling the people how much they are loved. You are loved. Jesus did it for you! Thanks for reading.
Siberia1000 Siberia1000
46-50, F
Dec 12, 2012