If Its Going to Work

i have learned that if i cant love myself, i cant let someone else love me. i never really understood that until the past year or so. my awful self esteem really did effect the way that i let people love me. if i only love me at certain times, or not at all, then its going to be the same with the relationships i create. i wont let them love me or i will only accept their love when i feel like i have done something to deserve it.

with realizing all of this, I'm trying to work so hard on my opinions of myself. my entire life i have been told i was never good enough, so i thought i wasn't good enough for anyone or anything. so i wouldn't let anyone truly appreciate or love me because i didn't think those things about myself. i am trying to change. its not happening over night, but at least its slowly happening and I'm making progress bit by bit.

letting someone love me really is me loving myself as well


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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

well thats the first step, the second step is not to forget, its that hard when life comes at you and you put yourself aside.