I built this huge hose that i spent forever on and my stupid fireplace made it catch on fire!!!Then a creeper came and made it explode!!!!!I WILL KILL ALL CREEPERS!!!
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I find it best to make my house in the air. And i don't make fireplaces. Especially if i build a wood house.

i did that one i made a HUGE wooden house then i went dumb and lit a fire place

i usually make mine with brick and i make like it was a floating tower. If you want to see how it looks like ill give you alink to my youtube channel

cool thanks

Just go to youtube and check for darkner321. i have 2 minecraft videos w/ commentary

thanks i will check it out

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I hate them so much! Every time I start building a house they swarm me and destroy my house! Then they always kill me, AND this always happens when I have 64 or more wood it seems then I can eneverfind it or it disappears for some reason! I hate them so much.

I know they are annoying and i hate the enderman because they keep teleporting

Sorry meant house