Gang Raped By 10 Women

This is just a brief summary of an actual crime that happened on the 22.10.10 / 10.22.10

10 Papua New Guinea women are being held in custody after they kidnapped a 17 year old boy and attacked him using machetes and kitchen knives and at least four women are reported for aggravated rape. It is unknown whether the women have HIV AIDS or any sexually transmitted infections. He was treated at hospital and awaiting test results. Rape is a heavily under reported crime in Papua New Guinea and has a high sexual violence rate and Police are now warning males to be careful .

I do hope the poor school boy is recovering well and receiving vital support from his family and community as this can be a very taboo subject.
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Rape is such a dirty word forceable enjoyed would be better

what a horrible thing to say

omg you are such a freak! I take it you would enjoy trading places with him?

This is why I don't feel bad for women who are raped.

you should feel sorry for ANYONE who is raped. THe women who get raped aren't the same women who go around assaulting school boys.

Yes, two wrongs never make a right. If I viewed things the way this person does I would never feel bad for men who are beaten or killed by their wives, or who unfairly lose custody of their children. However, I do.

you are a horrible person

douche bags don't have feelings.

Except for themselves.

What a horrible and terrible thing to say. Rape is horrible for the women and girls and so traumatic for the men and boys People that have been raped need compassion and understanding, not scorn or hurtful comments like yours.

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I was raped by my partner i had a few drinks & past out. When i woke up she had been having sex with me for over an hour. She showed me the videos i could not get over that i was hard as a rock when i was out cold. Women realy can rape men it is true

Oh dear, I am so sorry. I hope you are supported and getting the help you need. It can be very demoralising for you. I hope that this person is shown for what she really is, I hope you can prosecute her if that is something you want to do. Much love and I hope you are starting to heal.

you really think he minded:D ?lol

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Izzzy513 , you have no idea, imagine if someone you loved took advantage of you like that. You would be horrified and your trust would be severely shaken. Your comment really shows your ability to empathise with him. Shame on you.

I agree with hhue. It is really about the trust being shaken and the feeling of being taken advantage of that hurts. Even men have emotions and are not animals craving sex all the time.

But if you belong to someone you love, and are submissive and dominated by them, and have to obey them, aren't they entitled to take advantage of you if that is what they wish to do, and aren't you required to tolerate and accept it as a result?

yikes, you must have felt so used and violated

very true. it's strange how bodies can betray us.

Spousal Rape will never make sense to me. I mean WTF, can your partner legitimately rape you? I mean c'mon... Someone is being selfish with their body to make the other person force matters. How can you even say you woke up after an hour of being raped,i take it to mean you had been one selfish mofo always turning your gf down. U were a Refuser. Be generous. Give your partner the sex they need,if you know that you can no longer manage,then end the relationship. Rape is a strong word for spousal forced sex

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That's sad


It's my dream to be a nice person

I think that while talking about rape its useful to know the original meaning of the word (this being in my own words) Rape by its original definition is to violently take something from someone. Which is why a type of sword is called a rapier. You can from there infer how the meaning of the word has evolved over time.

I agree. This is a very important topic worth continual discussion. This kind of abuse is not partial to gender, nationality, or even age. I would also suggest everyone keep in mind that "rape", by definition, need not involve penetration of any sort, with or without an ob<x>ject or body part, and regardless of which gender does what to which gender. Any unwanted, unwelcomed, sexual attention, particularly aggressive in nature, is rape. Pure and simple. Even if it isn't technically aggressive, it's still rape. When consent is not present or is unable to be granted because of state of being, or level of development, at best it's still abuse. Trust and that general sense of safety has been violated and ultimately destroyed.<br />
<br />
I know the law is one thing, but in My book "rape" can be more than just sexual in nature. It can be psychological, sociological, or even economical, at least on a metaphorical level. The mental and emotional impact can quite often be just as devastating, even if there is no physical trauma left behind. The long-term impact on ability to work or just maintain social connections can also be and often is equally devastating.<br />
<br />
Good post.

Thank you for sharing this post. It is important for awareness to be raised about all forms of human rights abuses.

I want to say that young men and boys can be raped. They do not have to be mentally into it to get hard. Many men especially those who are younger can get hard against their will from constriction of blood and physical stimulation. They can be frightened, hurt, even in states of terror and still experience an erection.<br />
<br />
This is so often misunderstood, Its just like in the old days when men would rape women and claim it couldn't be rape because she was "wet". <br />
<br />
I hope this boy can recover and recieves proper aftercare.<br />
<br />
He should not be ashamed. He did nothing to deserve this. He is a victim and survivor he should be treated as such.

Very true. Young men and boys have been known to get an erection when they get a rush of adrenaline even if it is the result of something damaging and catastrophic. Men at war have been known to get an erection at the beginning of engaging in battle because the adrenaline rush is so intense.

Rape is an act of domination and control. Rape is sex as a weapon. Rape is wrong regardless of who the victim or assailant is period. I do hope that men report when they are the victims of rape.

I agree jane.

I agree with you completely also jane, but Paul Elam (founder of A Voice for Men) doesn't. He wrote: "We have all heard it before. Any time a “serious” discussion of rape makes it to national airwaves, there is always the obligatory feminist pinhead, presented as the expert du jour that somehow feels compelled to admonish all of us to remember that rape is not about sex, but power; not about physical attraction, but about control and domination . . .

These morons could actually make one wonder (if one moronically chooses to take them seriously) why women are the chosen targets for rape (outside of prison) at all – if it has nothing to do with sex. If it is just about power, shouldn’t the primary victims be children or the elderly?

Now, let’s take it a step further that just acknowledging the fact that using our brains forces us to concede that rape is, in fact, about sex and reproduction." He goes on to state that because of the way some women dress and act they ask, no beg, no damn near demand to be raped. If this is true couldn't we say the same thing about some men? I don't think so, but the fact that guy believes that kind of thing about women should make him realize that some people will also believe that kind of thing about men because what goes around often comes around.

I was raped by a woman.This woman invited me to go to bed on the pretext of haveing herto sex. As soon as I lay down she straddled me cupped her hands behind my head and brutality face ****** me for ten minutes untill she orgasimed on my face and in my mouth. That was female rape as I experienced it

I am sorry that you had to go through that. I do hope you have told some one you trust that it happened, if not I hope you have found a counsellor to help you through the pain. Please if you can report this woman, she is a danger to society.
Wishing you peace at this time and I hope you can get through this.
Peace and Love

I agree with hhue, you need to report this woman to the police. I am very sorry you had to experience such a violation.

there no one to report it to it happened in Greece

she didn`t have to do that if she asked I would of gone down on her but I guess it was a power trip for her

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I had sex with my mother between age 11-13 I did not ask her to do that the first time, after the first time I asked. I did not really understand what I was doing but my penis did get hard. Later when I produced ***** at age 13 I liked to do it. Was it rape? How much of the blame is mine? these are really un answered questions ' I know I was innocent the first time but I am not so sure the other times. Because then I asked her for it.

That is rape in my opinion. There is clearly a power imbalance and your mother should not have done this to you. She should not have carnal knowledge of you, you should consider talking to the authorities because what she did is not normal. She should have protected you and she failed. You did not know what you were doing was wrong at that age and you did not know the full ramifications of your actions. Even if you asked for it, she should have said no and told you was sex was and how to explore that in a more healthy way, she should have not engaged in any sexual act with you whatsoever.
I am sorry that this has happened to you. You are not to blame, the entire sorry saga is your mothers responsibility and the blame lies at her feet. Please seek counselling in this matter because it can help you explore what happened to you and help you heal. If there is any legal action you can take in your state/province/territory/county it would not hurt to look into that either, should you find that to be beneficial to you and have closure in the matter.
I hope you can have peace soon.
Peace and Love


Drifting it was rape. Your mother should have been protecting you and showing you healthy love and healthy relationships, you were a child and did not fully understand what was happening because of that you were unable to consent. Non consensual sex is rape. If you asked your mother to shoot you in your face, should she? Or should she know better? If she had shot you do you think she wouldn't have gone to jail even if she told the cops he wanted me to it?
No of course not she should know better and she should be locked up.
You should report her. She is a danger to others.

She raped you every time. She was the adult. You were a child. You couldn't give legal consent because you we to young to do so. Reverse the situation. If you had been a girl having sex with your father there would be no question that it was rape.
It all boils down to age of consent. Before a person reaches age of consent they cannot give legal consent. Their emotional maturity is at a level that they cannot comprehend the results of their actions. We don't allow children to sign legal documents. Children cannot give consent. You were raped.

Yeah, just because you maybe enjoy it doesn't make it any less rape.

@sunsray<br />
Women can rape men in a number of ways. And being sexually aroused does not negate rape. If a woman had an ****** while being raped, it's still rape. If a male, especially a young one, is physically stimulated into having an erection it is still rape. IT is VERY easy to stimulate a young man.<br />
<br />
When I was that young, just the site of a pretty girl would do it for me. That doesn't mean that I wanted her, or anyone else for that matter.

Rape for men is harder to define because although there maybe a physical response the emotional response is not the same. Rape is where there is absence of consent. This poor boy did not consent to being dragged and being attacked by machete and then raped. <br />
This boy has been brutalised and humiliated and his manhood ******** away, some people maybe turned on by this but he was not and he is hurting. Sex is a beautiful experience when both parties consent and done in a loving way but this was not a welcome advance.