Male Rape

Male Rape

In 2002, one in every eight rape victims were male. (RAINN, 2003)

Yes, men can be victimized.

No, it does not mean you are weak.

Rape is NEVER the victim's fault.

       Being victimized does not mean there's anything wrong with you and it does not mean you have to suffer
alone. Men have many of the same issues as women after they are raped but even less support. It's ok to want
 to talk about what happened.  You don't have to keep things bottled up inside. You have done nothing to be ashamed of.

         Rape is a crime about power and control.
The sexual preference of the victim (and sometimes the predator) often
doesn't matter. Male rape survivors include heterosexuals, homosexuals, teenagers and children.
Some men are drugged with chemicals known as date rape drugs. Others are not.

Prompt medical care is as important for men
as it is for women. If you have been victimized please do not change your clothes, shower or otherwise clean up. If you do,
valuable evidence may be lost. If you are reading this too late you still need to consider having a medical exam done as
soon as possible to rule out injuries or disease.

Many men report difficulty sleeping, problems with nightmares, flashbacks, anger, fear and concentration after being victimized.
 If you have some of  these  problems it does not mean you are going crazy. You are reacting to what was a crazy situation. It take some time
 for you to feel like yourself again. It's a good idea to read about P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). PTSD is so common after rape
 that it is  sometimes described as  "a normal reaction to an abnormal event".  Men and women can develop this reaction. Therapy and/or
 anti-anxiety  medications can help.

More information on PTSD can be found here: > 

Support can be vital to heal. Sadly, men often find it hard to talk about and often do not get the support deserved.
 If this is the case, try calling a rape crisis center. They can offer counseling and support. Online support can be found at the
 following urls. Don't be afraid to reach out to other survivors. You deserve the support you need to heal. 

       The listing  is incomplete as there are more sites being built on the web each day. To suggest a site email us at: or add your site to the add-a-link section from the front page. 

        For more support, an unmoderated list serve to serve the needs of male survivors is offered here:

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24 Responses Jan 22, 2011

thank you for your support it means alot to me

I have a male friend that I believe was raped. A married couple got him high off his *** and then started fooling around with him. Although he participated at first, they did things that he would not have normally consented to. He is straight and at one point the wife made him blow her man and he would never of done that. The couple had sex next to him and afterwards (with her filled) the guy held his arms above his head while she rode my friends face roughly.. for a long time.. He said he had to and almost choked but talks about it as a sex experience.. I think it was forced sex.


Interesting but who has the stats?

Why are you asking about the stats? How am I supposed to know or do you mean something differently? You know I it works, we copy and paste.

I know some women have rape fantasies. I've read them on here and on other sites as well. It's not that they want to be raped for real but would like to have a set up or a role play for that scenario. Maybe I'm an odd duck, but I have a rape fantasy too. I'd like to be raped by women, not men and forced to pleasure them and be used as a sex toy. Does that sound weird? Can we be friends? Thanks for rating up some of my other comments.

I am sure it is as you are saying, not a rape rape and a scenario by the partner they are with which is different. You are welcome for rating your comments and we can probably be friends in the future as I am not accepting as of now. Thank you! :)

yes it's more of a rape fantasy role play if you will. I will await your acceptance of me.

However, it would not be objectionable to me if a woman or several women that were not a role play were to actually take me by force, actually raping me. I don't know what it would be like but I would be a willing rape victim to those women.

It is documented if a man obtained an erection regardless of how long rape is null.

Many people don't believe that man can be raped by woman (in a heterosexual intercourse), but I believe it can happen, although it is not something common I guess...

I believe it!

The problem with that is that man, if in normal health and consciousness, usually is strong enough to physically stop the intercourse from happen. But even in this case, it is also possible that the guy just can't help... Men get pretty weak when faced with visual and olfactory stimuli.

thanks, a world of choices

Personally, whenever I think of rape I think of women but you are right. Men can get raped too and it's good to increase people's knowledge. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for posting this. Far too often men believe they cannot have been raped, etc. <br />
<br />
Sometimes female sexual aggression takes on a different form than male aggression. Men have about as little choice, but the dynamics are different. Still, men receive the same response in those situations in the west as Muslim women get as conventional rape victims.<br />
<br />
Male on male rape takes on all kinds of forms.

I agree

from what I have heard is when a male is raped by another male because the G spot for a male is in his rear he will more than likely get hard whilst being raped and that to me would probably be the hardest thing to deal with. same as YOURBFF's comments I am glad someone like you has shared this as it is not a widely known fact that MEN DO GET RAPED

Unfortunately, they do too!

but what I am saying is that when the rapee, gets raped and gets hard and even ********** they start to question their sexuality and the severe embarrassment when talking about it. Wouldnt want to go to court if ya know what I mean

You know what? Things does happen unfortunately and sometimes not for the best. It is difficult talking about it and all and if someone doesn't have a choice, then they need being strong about it even if it hurts and that means talking about it in court in front of others. The truth needs being said regardless. In a way, people who do this, are my heroes and they are the one's who should be applauded with a standing ovation if you know what I mean.

thank you

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Thank you for sharing this.

My father die when I was 14. We went to stay with friends one weekend and the man touched me and made me come. I was so inexperienced and just did nothing. I did not speak about it for years...

Sorry about your experience. There are many crazy people out there and silence is the worst of all! Everyone who has been affected by it, goes to the silence mode. It is never too late!

good to know, thanks

How come I can't see your username?

Thank you for this story. I hope that at least one male rape victim reads your story and puts it to use. We as a society need to realise that men can be rape victims too. And the women can be perpetrators of heterosexual and homosexual rape as well. We have got to stop sweeping this under the rug.

whateverr, thanks i like that word now :)

someone i care for very much, in face 2 men were drugged and one got out one wasnt as lucky. i cant reveal them be thats just wrong but it does happen to men TOO!!!! usually BY MEN..

the other gout out alive, but he wasnt the same, its awful.

my wife wanted to know why when I was being taken and raped ,why I didn't just say no.I was 5 is when it started ti I was 10. I would have love to and I did but to him no did not mean no and after the first time I was ashamed and I blamed myself.even when my parents found out because some other boy told I could not admit it till I was 23. and to this day I still feel like it is my fault and I am a loser!

People who haven't been raped, cannot really understand. A person needs being in the shoe to fully understand the other. When someone is young, they don't even know that what is happening is rape and in fact that what is happening or has happened is abnormal. Every rape victims think it is their fault and we tend to blame ourselves even when it is not. Like you said; even if you said no, to the abuser no means yes or taking advantage of the person or situation. Damn them. It is not your fault nor you are a loser, far from it. The fault is to the one who committed the crime. I used to feel ashamed and get scared in some situation sometimes but I know it isn't my fault and you should know it isn't yours as well.

When you are young you do not know what to do....

I know that male rape is not for sexual satisfaction

thank-you <br />
I think it would be good for you to post the link to the source of the main text.

Hi ... I don't recall it!

Good story. Many resources available now than there was years ago for male or female victims. Cultures in which spouses and children are/were considered possessions.

thank-you I was raped as a child and I have bean screwed up ever since. pardon the pun.

Sorry about that! It is a scar that many have to live with.

This is remarkable. Previously the only thing I've known about in terms of heterosexual rape of adult males is *********** forced by women on males subordinate to them, without any concern for hygiene on the part of the female.<br />
<br />
I think it would be good for you to post the link to the source of the main text.

Next time I will post the link.

great information