Lost My Virginity In Jail

I was sent to jail for 6 months for "Domestic Violence" at least thats what her attorney told the court. After I was taken into custody it wasn t more then 24 hours before I was sent to a unit with an assigned cell and a cellie already in it, and he had convinced me to suck him or be beaten and then really forced sex. So I skipped the beating and learned to suck his **** the first night locked in Our cell together. That led to being sodomised the next day in the showers by two black guys he sent in to do it to me, which was in retailiation for me running from our cell to find him when a guy came in and flopped out his **** for me to suck. I didn t know he was the one who sent the guy to get a blow job from me, so my lesson was to get f' d. I was so nieave about jail and so freaking scared about being beaten to death too, that I guess that showed weakness to my cellie and he became my pimp. I had to do sex with anyone who was sent to me and had no choice if it was oral or anal. it was whatever they wanted, no hesitation was allowed on my part. I served 5 months of six and was released on probation. So for five months I was a jail house *****/prostitute and that really changed my life. I soon discovered I was getting a rush when a guy would *** in my mouth or *** and have used craigslist ever since then to find guys to have sex with. I don't buy into the poor me victim crap as what happens happens, buck up and move on, i say. So now I like gay sex. So what.
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I'm a little confused here, afrika. You claimed that you were sent to jail on a domestic violence conviction. Then you claim you lost your virginity to rape in jail. Who accused you of domestic violence? Because if you were a virgin before you went to jail, it certainly could not have been a girlfriend or a wife who accused you of domestic violence. Otherwise, you would have already lost your virginity before you went to jail to whoever your female accuser was. I'm not saying that you're lying, but you leave that one major detail out of your post.

Only the strong shall survive.

Afrika, you really were gay. They just helped you figured it out

What about all the other men that were in there? stop being an ignorant!

I would have tracked each one down and ended them, even their family wouldnt be safe. Im just a vengeful type of person though. I was once beaten by a group of six guys and one girl when i was fifteen. It took me three months to heal compleatly. After that i hunted five of them down and beat them sinceless. I put two of them in the hospital like they had me. But i was caught by the and ended up spending three years behinde bars before i could get the other two lucky for me one of them died in a car crash while i was inside and the other got arested in another state and is still inside, i think he likes another four years so im still waiting. Of corse when i was inside i had offers and had to defend myself a few times but i was never raped and im a small guy. So it really wasnt that bad i just kept to myself and didnt bother anybody which seems to be the best thing to do. Ofcorse that was the late 1990s.

are you ******* retarded or what?

I know that's right shid u got me ****** up they would of had to kill me ur not jus going to take my man hood jus like that


sounds like a fun 5 months


I had to agree to be my celly's sex toy for nearly 4 years in state prison. What he did to me...I will never really have a normal life now. I'm still young and have only been out a few months. I've been prostituting myself online because I am desperate for money. Having a very hard time surviving. I've been letting guys into S&M use me because I can make so much more for enduring what they want to do. One of my 2 steady "clients" wants me to be his full time sex slave. I am sick of not having money for food and always being close to homeless. And my head is such a mess that it makes me feel good about myself when a man is aroused from looking at and/or using my body.

I would love to help a man like u. No longer having to sell your body. I would be the submissive male, cooking cleaning doing ur laundry. My money for us. I know it's temporary till,u find a female. Your straight but provide you with a nice living arrangement and let me service u. I become you *****.

You would not be someone's sex slave. I would love to be yours though.

That's great! Great story and great outcome. Seriously, imagine the good you're doing out there in society getting all these horny, agressive guys off in your mouth. I know I'd love a bj from you!!


lesson 1. dont go to gaol !!!

It's spelled JAIL you ******* retard.

not in Australia dickhead

I spent a weekend in jail for DWI and was put into a two man cell because of the conditions at the county jail. That first night after dinner we were locked in at 5 pm for the night. The guy in my cell was paranoid about the bigger guys getting to him. He asked if I would take care of him because I am very big.<br />
<br />
Keep in mind I am only in for the weekend but my mentality immediately shifted. I realized I could get head from this guy just by promising to protect him! My instinct told me to get him to suck me! We carefully and quietly slipped him under my blanket for a mind blowing ******!

Man wish I was that guy. I would loved to blow you.

Now I remember why I thought this was fiction, this is the EXACT SAME PLOT LINE as an episode of Law and Order SUV 4th season. Not sure which episode, but I just watched THE EXACT SAME PLOT on that episode.

there is also a show called OZ. Very good show about gaol and what happens inside. If you can get it, it's worth a look

Im sorry you were sent to prison for what appears to be a false allegation of DV. It is becoming a common theme in family court. Its all most like its on a check list of things to do. <br />
However, just because you do not feel victimized doesn't give you the right to play down everyone else. Rape is a real problem in prison. Some studies suggest that more men in prison are raped per year than women who aren't in prison. For you to say man up and get over it shows a real lack of humanity in you.

It really is an appalling state of affairs if more men in prison are getting raped per year than women who aren't in prison. Feminism has gone way too far! Also bad luck getting wrongly convicted of DV - again feminism has gone too far, convicting a man without the tiniest shred of evidence.

Damselfly, I fully agree with you on the feminist thing.people don't talk about it enough

I would like to know exactly where you did time. for example, what you have written implies you were in county. Esp, how you described being locked up, I assume you were booked and moved to county jail. Esp since your sentence seemed, well light if you did not have money to post bail and if it was a first time offence, even then, you would still be remanded to County Jail. And out of the dozens (keep in mind Im Mexican and Irish) out of the dozens of people I knew who had been popped for the same charges as you, they still managed to come out of County (and real prison) with out being raped. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
I am sorry, but my mind reads more hint of Sexual Desire than anything else. And not to be too much of a **** (no pun intended), but out of my many meetings with criminal classes, 8-10 will go into the detail of their charge, rather than sexual desire. This of course is mainly due from fact, while this reads, well. More of fiction, than fact. But I am also make it a point to read the authors other works, when reading the presentation in front of me.

Yes your right, it was a county jail in San Diego, and how much detail is there in having a protection arder against you by a nut case and then being stupid enough to go see her when she was over the top on the phone and telling me see was going to slit her wrists? For that and all the other B.S. her female attorney "presented" in court, I went to jail.

Shayallon, you have some good points that made me think, and yes I think I continued sex with guys after I got out of jail to like prove I was still in control. I mean, now I got to pick a sex partner, not them choosing me. Does that make sense ? :) Also I really did get to enjoy mentally the idea of giving pleasure to another person. Just like in regular guy girl sex, the guy wants to show the girl he is "good" at pleasing her. I found that once you loose your virginity, such as getting a mouthfull of ***, there really isn't any reason to say no to getting more mouthfulls and there is less doubt in guy guy sex if you were "good". because for sure we know our sex partner enjoyed our skill(s) when we get him to ***. And no before jail I can t think of any time I thought about wanting to be f" d or swallow ***. I guess jail just made me realize that giving climaxes is a nice thing to do, and I now believe it is a very less self centered me me attitude many more guys need to have.<br />
For you, you were promiscuous you say. Well did you ever stop and realize how much pleasure you brought to this world ? For every guy that cummed in you, you brought him a moment of pleasure and for him, like the inmates, maybe it was his only pleasure in a ****** life in a long while. You see I turned my focus outward away from me being a victim to being proud of having the power inside me to give up my body so others could have pleasure. I guess that's why I didn't stop when I got out. I'm glad I was in jail, it was like a revelation to me. I hope you will accept this attitude also. You did nothing wrong being with guys you know.

Has this newly found submissiveness in your nature stopped you from being violent towards your wife though? Can you have a domestic relationship where you don't take out your frustrations on your partner? That's the important question

I admit i see it similar to you in someway , i rather enjoy the idea of giving pleasure than to think about the "omg im a victim" aspect , its not like you can go back and stop it.