Male Victim Of Assault And Attempted Rape

Maybe this isn't the correct place but I'm well aware from my own experience that male rape can occor.

This was last year, I was 19 at the time. I'm a fit, strong and athletic guy but something like this takes away your confidence.

I was walking home one night (not through a bad part of town) when a large man jumped me and tried to drag me into an alleyway and when I struggled he knocked me out cold with a shot to the back of the head.

When I went unconscious he picked me up, flung me over his shoulder and carried me down the alley. Luckily, some random passerby saw the attack and caught up to us about 15/20 metres down the alley. By that time the guy who attacked me had stopped and had laid me out on the ground. When he saw the passerby coming he took off.

At the time I was wearing a Rolex Daytona, (a gift from my grandfather, the one in my profile pic) it was unclasped but still on my wrist so he may have wanted to steal it. However, the fact he went to the trouble of carrying me down the alleway instead of just snatching my stuff as soon as he knocked me out suggests it could have been something more sinister he had in mind.

Luckily for me, I got nothing worse than a bump on the head. But even so, the feeling of helplesness, the mental image of my body being carried limply down an alleyway by some thug, the thought of what he may have done. It's something that's haunted me for the last year.
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I am glad that you didn't get raped...this is awful to go through. God bless that passerby for going down the alley. Peace and love to you.

People go through a lot worse than you fid

Thanks for that. Not sure why you needed to say that.

You r lucky dat it just ended wid a bump on head. Dis shud teach u to b careful all d time, at d same time come out of it n don't let it affect u psychologically. Don't let it make u think u r weak....

wow...glad you are ok