Day My Life Almost Ended

When I was twelve years old I was raped and sodomized by my best friends mom. My best friend at the time was a girl my age. Her mom found us looking and touching each other in an old tool shed. She flipped out and dragged both of us to the house nude and proceeded to beat us both and then made her daughter watch as she began to assult me with a broom handle and forced me face first into her groin and made me perform orally on her. She than forcfully man handle my penis till it was very red rare and bleeding and then began beating me all over with such an intense rage I have never seen before or since. At some point I am not sure how but I had gotten erect and when she saw that she manipulatd my penis and rectum to make me have an ******. The hole time she was yelling at us about how bad we where for doing what we where doing and this was our punishment. After she was done with me she then proceeded to asult her daughter in front of me and made me watch her daughter's torture as she made her watch mine. It was about six years later that I went for counceling. I had tried to tell my parents but they did not believe me. I was an inraverted person and several times tried to comit suicide but thankfully I survived and was able to get real help. Today 28 years later still have nightmares of that day but I am able to get through it. If just one person would have seen the sudden change in me went from a's and b's to d's and f's over night I stopped hanging out with all my friends and sat in my room alone all the time instead of outside playing like i use to I might have had an weasier time dealing with it even after counceling it took a long time to trust anyone again.
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This is horrible... Thank you for sharing and having courage to deal with what happened to you. Parents should never dismiss what their children are telling then about getting taped or molested as a lie but this happens a lot because I think the don't want to face the truth that someone did horrible unimaginable things to their child. Its a state of denial. When my older daughters uncle tried to come on to her...she told her younger sister right after it happened and together they both came to me and told me what happened. Together wd dealt with ghe situation. As a child I was touched by my aunt...I would never disbelieve what she told me. My daughters story proved true...after her uncle denied it for months.

...Good parents believe their kids.
...However, if I talk to a youngster online who's being abused in any way? I encourage them to tell someone at school. In my inc3st survivor's group on another forum, I believe the majority of us were not believed by family members.

I'm very sad this happened to you and you were not believed when you told.

It is not somthing that any adult never mind a child should have to go through. You should be proud of yourself for being so strong and fighting to get the support you needed, Truly your an isperation to those like myself who have survived similar offences. But no matter how simlar the offence...each person deals with it differantly and therfore all experiances are so differant from each others anyway. The actual attack is only the begging, recovering is somthing else. Thats why your an isperation....WELL DONE

sorry my spelling is rubbish lol (beggining)?? lol

im so sorry this happend to you

ty it is something I would not wish on anyone.


good that you told this terrible thing

I how your parents die from torture.

How damaging an experience like that. It is difficult to forget something like this, that effect's the psyche. really i could not imagine something like this. Only with confidence and courage one can move further.

thank you it has taken a long time for me to be able to talk about it happened when I was 12 I am now 40 and still have issues

Nightmare's are inevitable in most trauma's. If you consciously think from that ladies point of view. I think you will get an answer from within and you can reduce the after effects of the event.

I think this woman is very disgusting. She should have been a mother and gave her daughter one of those important talks about touching and respecting the human body and she should have at last gone to your parents about it. If only she knew the damage that was done. I cannot imagine.

That woman should be ashamed of herself. I hope you can continue to move on with your life and she will end up in HELL!

thank you for your comments I have found that by relaying what happened to me helps me coupe with it and helps others to know they are not alone.

I wish I had some great words of wisdom to offer you but I don't. All I can say is that you are not alone. Men and boys are raped all the time. It is a very under reported crime. Just know that even though society ignores you there are many more out their like you. You are not alone.<br />
Again I wish I had something else to say. Some peace of wisdom to pass on. All I can say is that there are some people who realise how society is biased against male rape victims and we are working to correct this injustice. Hopefully one day you will be able to speak out about your victimization and receive the help you need. I wish you all the best in the world. My thoughts and prayers will be with you.