At 6 Years Old.

I was 6 when a family friend repeatedly raped me. She was a woman in her 20s, someone I had come to trust, and who was living with my family for a short time.

I remember that each time, I felt like there was something wrong about this, but was too scared to say or do anything. In fact, she knew that I was afraid of being punished and used that to seal me into silence. She made me do things with her naked body. She did things to my penis I did NOT like. And each time, I felt guilty, dirty, and that I would get into trouble if I told anyone.

So for many years, I went on to block this out of my mind. It was not until I left my country for America to study when the memories all came flooding back. Thankfully, I went into counselling right away and that is what I believe saved me. That and a lot of prayer and support.

Though it has been many years, and a lot of healing has happened, every now and then, I still feel that sensitivity to that experience, especially when I hear someone's story on the news, or when someoen shares their experience with me. I am sharing my story because I want to be close to people to get me, and who get the process.

Thank you.
DonCarlo DonCarlo
36-40, M
Oct 9, 2012