Male Being Abused

I am 18, in great shape, blonde hair, blue eyes. I am a 100% straight male. But for 6 weeks my dad's best friend and his brother, Ben, have been sexually abusing me in unspeakable ways. Roy and his brother Fred invited me over for a weekend when my parents were away. When I got there, they jumped me (both are inches taller mad a lot stronger). They tied me to a work table in the basement and beat, raped and did other things and recorded it all.
Now Ben kidnapped a hitch hiker, a 22 year old white kid.
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1 Response Feb 5, 2013

this will sound dumb and in no way meant to justify any action ... if we look at men as pure savages, I wondered if there isn't something about behavior or mannerisms or somethings that makes some guys targets; I mean a person can use self control and all; but growing up I remember there were these kids I knew who I went after because I knew they would be easy victims; it was pure instinct; and even now I meet guys who awaken in me a predatory instinct ... again, I am not saying this is ok or anything like that ... just looking at it from a purely instinct driven animal perspective