No Harder

One of the biggest arguments against allowing women into combat arms is also one of the biggest loads of crap. They state that a woman could be raped if captured. What makes this argument total crap is the fact that men can be raped too. In fact, when you get right down to it it's no harder to rape a man than it is to rape a women.
Just like it is never a woman's fault that she was raped, a man is no less a man just because he was raped. Being raped doesn't make a man gay any more than being raped makes a woman a *****. I think that rape, regardless of whether if it was a woman or a man that was raped or that committed the rape, should carry the same penalty as murder.
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100% agreement!

Thank you, for reading my story and for responding.

Couldn't agree more :)

Thank you. Thank you for reading my story and responding.