I Know Boys Can Be Rape Victims Too.... The Three Times I Was Violated Before I Was 18

i never had step parents; my mom and dad are still together. Sure my dad beat us kids regularly, but we thought that was normal. i lived in the same house throughout my childhood. i should have had a normal childhood; i didn't. i guess normal is overrated.

i was first sexually abused by a man i worked for when i was 14. He started it by talking me into putting on panties from the store inventory; i acquiesced because i had been taught to respect my elders. He continued to have me "work" for him privately for nearly a year after. In that time, the "work" involved him giving oral to me and receiving oral from me on multiple occasions. He also twice took me to a hooker for deflowering, assumably so i didn't become a freak (oh well, so much for that idea... LOL).

At 16, while visiting my friend (R), his friend (G) offered me a place to sleep when i got stuck in Berkeley after visiting R long enough that the mass transit stopped... by the time G took me into the basement of his folks' house, i already knew that i was going to be violated; i wasn't wrong. Bi this point i felt i had a banner over me that said, "use him however you want, he won't say anything."

Another visit to Berkeley when i was 17 found me with my friend R staying at someone's house that he knew since i missed the mass transit again (okay, so i was a little thick in the head in my teens); the man first insisted on watching me go to the bathroom, and then, once R was asleep, led me into his room and convinced me to let him go down on me then surprised me bi kissing my seed back into my mouth.

After a few years of falling deeper into addiction and not really caring if i lived or died, i got sober at the age of 26. i believe now that if i hadn't, i would have joined the "27 Club" with all those famous musicians (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/27_club).

i'm now 24 years clean and sober and am still continuing to discover all the aberrations of my behaviors and reactions attributable to this phase of my life.
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So panties feel good and so does someone else's ****. What ***** our mind up is the arbitrary "Rules" imposed on us by others trying to control us into their ideas. Look at the churches and their power hunger over the people, throughout history. Like the 100's of years the priest preached sex was ONLY for having children (more members of the church) while they themselfs enjoyed ******* in the alter boys on a regular bases. Thousands and thousands of boys have been turned into cocksuckers and butt ****** every year for centurys, yet the world still works well, and I have no doubt that the greatest percentage of all those thousands and thousands of boys who were cummed in did fine in life. Its all relevent to what you yourself think. I lost my guy virginity in jail and suddenly realized, guy sex is a natural thing, and screw the churches 2 face teaching. More people are screwed up by the Churches anti sex rants then the sex acts they did themselfs, and thats why you feel what you do. You need to chill and realize you enjoyed pleasing others sexually.And what is wrong with that I ask ? Think of this: If Boys were not to ever suck **** then God would have made *** poisonous to them, and the same if boys were not to ever get ******, God also would have made *** such an irritant to boys, that one **** and they would never ever want it again. But that isn't how it is, boys and girls both enjoy sucking **** and boys, especially, like to be ****** in the ***.

So why stop? Guy sex is often the better sex for pleasure.