I have never told anyone but I was raped from the age of 5 till I was 12 . Buy 10 different men and made to do child **** . I don't want to put on a story now but will when I have the strength. From ripjr
Ripjr Ripjr
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You are a Survivor and I am proud of you for being so open. A good friend once told me that we're only as sick as our secrets. Have you tried writing down your story on paper? Be sure to include details, how it made you feel and how you feel about the people involved. Express yourself freely and openly. You dont have to share it with anyone. Prepare for an emotinal ride as you do this. When you get it all out of you something that may help you to push forward it to burn the paper. For your story will no longer bind you. You will be free of the burden of keeping it in. I wish you success, love and happiness my strong brother. #SurvivorStrong

how did you feel at the time?

Who me or Ripjr

It was under the impression at first it was the normal thing but then I grew up and realized how wrong it was and felt like **** and ran away the first chance I could

I'm sorry

**** man