I been told that I was raped but I don't feel I was due to the fact I was curious and let my stepfather, his brothers, nephew, and drug dealer have sex with me. I was only 14 at the time it started but I had already been having sex with a 3 month younger cousin and a couple of classmates when I was 13.
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I wonder if rape ourselves, mentally with low self esteem, negative thinking, self judgments, false expectations etc. long before anything happens physically, drinking, drugs, etc.....

Well, I can agree with you that there are major flaws in the age of consent laws here in the United States of America; and if this had been a situation in which you were a pregnant 14-year-old girl who had married the 22-year-old father of your baby, I'd say for you to tell others just to mind their own business. However, this situation you just described seems much more elaborate than the usual Romeo-and-Juliet scenario in which the criminal justice system simply needs to butt out. I think only you can answer your question of whether or not you were raped. I wish you strength in your journey to find the truth.

how did you feel at the time it happened?

I was curious at the time and happy about the attention I was getting.