as a young kid I was "adopted" by a family from age 9--there were a lot of men in the family. They were neighbors and they told me there were too many females around me--I was a kid growing up in a family of mostly women. The men were notorious for being sexual predators and as fate would have it, I became like them--a sexual predator -- they would take me with them to their "adventures" and I would participate. Or they would bring their victims home and I would first watch and then participate--they victimized both men and women-- two, three and sometimes four of us would take turns at sodomizing a victim--either male or female--some as young as 11 or 12 ... as a result of this training and experiences with these men, I sodomized many of my younger cousins -- they always wanted me to tell them about what I did and would make me feel like one of them... I still struggle with my desire to rape
lookerq lookerq
51-55, M
Jul 12, 2015