And I Feel Kind Of Ambivalent About It

I work in an elementary school and some of my students' fathers' pick them up at the end of the day. I can't help but notice how uncomfortable around me they are. In a "normal" male dominated setting -- which is pretty much anywhere -- they'd feel free to ogle me and maybe wink at their friends and make a comment or two. But in a school, they shuffle their feet, speak barely above a whisper and try to make small talk about the most random things. It's cute but really distracting when at a moment's notice I have a kid doing cartwheels in the corner. There's this one guy who is actually really attractive that I'm thinking about. I literally have to catch my breath every time he walks in but then the kids command my attention again and I snap out of it. The thing is, I know outside of school -- in the real world -- this man would have nothing to say to me. Like a lot of the men I meet, we just don't have much in common.
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It's seems that you do have something in common with the good looking guy.<br />
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Why not try and approach him by telling him that your having similar thoughts :-)<br />
Any man would be instantly turned on by a woman making such a move

What you have in common is that he is a man and you are a woman. Obviously, his lusty desire for you is intended to be a compliment, that he wants you, finds you seductive, is drawn to you. No words are required to communicate these feelings, you can see it in the way he watches you. His eyes upon you tell you everything you need to know about his attraction to you.<br />
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You obviously are a very sexy woman, one who sends out a very powerful vibe that makes men feel uncomfortable in the prim and proper setting of school where you work. The feelings you ignite in them seem inappropriate in that setting, so they stammer, hesitate, feel they cannot act upon those feelings, and they seem a bit inept. You find it cute but to them it is very awkward. If you want any of them to take action, you will have to enable and empower it.<br />
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There is also the issue of the mothers. I mean these men know that you know the mother of their children. So they wonder if you can be trusted or not. They hold back because they have to consider the need to be discreet where their children's mother is concerned. It is indeed even more of a compliment to you that they so clearly and obviously communicate their lust and desire for you when they are at such risk of discovery by the mother of their children. It makes it even more awkward for them and further explains why you would have to be the one to empower anything further.

Could (and would) you describe the man that would fit in, a man who really could get your full attention?<br />