But They Think I Am Just About My Hormones...

They stereo type me will all other younger men. They think I just want to ****... them.. because I am younger  and have a sex appeal about me! But that's not fair... i am different... i am...

But I am not romantic  to get laid, now a days, you don't need to be romantic to get laid. The most beautiful character I have seen in woman lately has been of Claire Forlani, in the movie Joe black, and she is physically beautiful too !!! Wow How beautiful is feminine wow!!

Man car...
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3 Responses May 28, 2007

You just need to find a younger women with mature mind and who is looking for real love and not a quick roll in the sack.

Yes this would be great...to find such a woman.<br />
Sometimes young guys and middlle aged men can't just be taken as sex toys .(yes they can,but it's hwen you are in love that you might eventually really want to make love to a woman.

What if you find a young woman with a mature mind?! ;)