Woo's Chinese?

Mrs. Woo is definitely not Chinese. She is being very insulting to all Asians, in fact.

She speaks a movie version of how westerners think broken English is spoken by Asians. It's stereotyping in the worst way. If she wants to be a wise-cracking lovable old lady, fine, but not at the expense of someone else's culture.

 I speak 3 Chinese dialects, some Japanese and a few other languages and I can tell you this: 

Chinese does not confuse l and r; not 'solly' for sorry or 'berieve' for believe. That's in Japanese-English, due to transliteration from katakana to English. 

In Chinese we sometimes say 'line' for 'nine', or 'lumber' for 'number' mixing l and n but we would not write it that way. She doesn't make any of the common mistakes a native speaker of either Chinese or Japanese would make in speaking English as a second language. 

The kinds of jokes she tells, her allusion to ugly ducks and swans- these jokes and stories are from the English culture, not Chinese.

What does this say, Mrs. Woo? 


If she wants to say 'I love you' and make everyone feel happy, fine , but she should do it in her own language, not act like a movie Chinese. I'm sure it's entertaining to some people  but for those of us who know, her act is very demeaning and disrespectful.

On top of that she is trying to act like she has the wisdom of a 70 year old when she clearly doesn't. 

Please have some respect for our culture and put a stop to this nonsense now.

Thank you.

PS. I know what you answer now, Mrs Woo. You say 'I no care. I love you. Bah'. Well, not funny anymore. Get new act. Maybe Greek.

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I am Spanish and female should I wear a sombrero and a big dress and speak in Spanglish- here miss let me do your laundry , thank you for paying me 20 dollars for cleaning for eight hours I have eight kids to take care of. Yes stereotypes are bad but worse is the people who believe them. Should I be insulted every time someone puts on a fake mustache and sombrero with those side guns-because they are a different race? What about when I want to wear an oriental dress? Although clothing is an entire different matter. I don't know what to think honestly.

I understand what your saying,and why.I guess getting the chance to travel around the world with an open mind,eyes,and ears helped me to understand that whats good or entertaining for one person/family/group/culture is not good or entertaining for another person/family/group/culture.And thats the way it should be,it's what makes us all speacial.<br />
<br />
By the way,who in the world is Mrs.Woo? I did a search and got everything from asia **** to clothing designs,if I hadn't stopped reading when the insults started I might have seen who she is.And since we don't watch tv or go to the movies much I have no clue who is who among the newer stars and such.

You're cool XM. I'm a fan of yours.

Many of you know me under the name ELFINSONG.<br />
Others may be more familiar with the name PureLightBeing.<br />
I am going to say this once , take it as my position ansd understand that all my opinions are heavily considered prior to making this kind of statement..<br />
<br />
It is not now, nor do I believe that any of you would think it has ever been okay to offend anyone here on EP.<br />
I have spent my life with one focus in mind to walk softly and leave as few footprints as possible on other's souls.<br />
I have been guilty of a few since I first came to EP and If there were a way to erase those I would.<br />
I do not intentionally harm anyone and Have contem,pt for those who do.<br />
MrsWoo from my perspective is probably a fictional character I have no way of proving this one way or the other.<br />
The fact that many of you are pretty sure that this person is not of the Chinese heritage makes me feel that if this is the case then harm from this person continues unabated.<br />
This person blocked me as well after my 1st comment on this story. I returned the favor.<br />
I have found xiaomei to be nothing but honorable in her words and actions here and that fact that one EP member feel offended is enough for me to wonder why those of you who defend MrsWoo knowing it does offend someone would support this continued offending practice.<br />
I have asked xiaomei to join my circle.<br />
I find it an honor to call her my friend.<br />
She accepted with poise and grace and I believe this will be a good friendship.<br />
I am sure she can teach me things I thirst to know of the Chinese culture and hope our exchanges can be hands across the water in building an intercultural understanding.<br />
If you are on the side of supporting offending anyone here on EP... I must say you are on the wrong side.<br />
It is not necessary to offend to find humor in this world.<br />
It has never been right nor will it ever be.<br />
<br />
If you know me and you find it acceptable please re read my words here and look deeply into your soul.<br />
Let me know what you find there.<br />
<br />
Blessings, Love and Light to you all<br />
<br />
Elf / PLB

I don't think Xiaomei and friends ob<x>jected to the content of Woo's groups posts; it was the Chinglish they wrote them in that was offensive. Indeed, there wasn't any intelligent content in any of the posts beyond 'I love you's' and 'Let's fix popcorn'(((hugs))) and the other fawning gushiness of a mutual admiration society. <br><br />
The least they all could do is learn something about the culture they're trying to parody. That they don't even know the difference between Japanese and Chinese cultures would be laughable if it wasn't so pathetic.<br><br />
Nobody minds that Tekkamaki is called a type of sushi though they're not from Japan. But if they started trying to act like a Japanese and wrote like this, would people ob<x>ject?<br><br />
"You rike eatta teleyaki? You rike eatta cully lice? You can chopsticks?<br><br />
Okay fine, I fix foh you. We haba good time togezah. Get darunku on za Japanese sake. OK you come now wis me"<br><br />
Now THAT would be offensive. But if you were actually Japanese and wrote like this for laughs, it would be permissible. Can you see that yet? You've got to be from that culture to poke fun at it. And you'd have to be fairly bilingual to pull it off well.<br><br />
Amy Tan uses chopped up Chinglish when she writes about how her mother talks in Joy Luck Club and other books. That's a good literary device in her hands. But writing that way about someone else's accent--and posing as that ethnic group- is just not cool.<br><br />
I thought all that went out with the 'Massah, I gwine fetch y'all a cuppa wattah' faux-black language of the Uncle Tom's Cabin era.<br><br />
[Nihonjin no okuyakusamma, Honto ni shitsurei shimashita. Gomenasai. Kore wa jodan ja nakute. Chigao no hatsuon setsume dake.Sumimasen. Boku no nihongo wa mazui mo so.<br><br />
To our Japanese visitors. Please forgive any rudeness. This was not meant as a joke; only as an explanation about pronunciation differences. My apologies also for my poor Japanese.]<br><br />
Part of this is a repeat from my post on Tekkamaki's story in case it gets deleted<br>

I must be missing something. I have only read a couple of miss woo's comments and don't understand the reactions I am hearing.

Dubiousone: Haha. I got a p.m. about MrsWoo's restrictions just after I typed up a comment on this story. So I came back here and posted the news right away. And before anyone asks, no, I don't know who MrsWoo is.....

No, Dubiousone, I'm not Woo. I thought I knew who was Woo, but it wasn't true.

Her avatar indicates U/China.

Gee, tolerance is alive and well where I come from. All my Grandparents came from different ethnicities. Every one of them. I and my brother and sister carried on the tradition of diversity when we married. And my daughter and all my nieces and nephews have friends from even more varied places. On my school bus alone, I can count four different accents and I drive a short bus! I think maybe being from a major port city has a lot to do with having an open mind where these things are conerned. I really do.

Mrs. Woo can be "Chinese" if she wants to, but no one TYPES in an accent. That's just ridiculous.

I have almost zero knowledge of Chinese culture. I speak one language. I have not traveled anywhere. Xiaomei, is vastly more sophesticated in world matters then I am. Still, I am very concerned that someone from another country feels offended by English speakers here. I hope somehow I have maybe made her feel better about the whole kerfuffle. I really do.

Xiaomei, I really hope you understand that the character of an immigrant with a broken english accent is a long standing tradition here. We are, and always have been, an immigrant society. Many of us have Grandparents who speak less then perfect english and we love them dearly, maybe more so because their accents are so cute! We poke fun at each other. Please, do not be offended! We are a muti-ethnic society. Even among native born, we have different accents in different regions and use these accents in comic ways. Please, don't be offended.

Thank goodness that someone called the attention of the powers that be to this controversy. Now it can just all stop, and those that wish can read her blog. No more being offended and no more trying to explain to everyone else please. Altho there has been some wonderful comments made and a lot of tolerance and understanding expressed in these comments. It's over. RIP

I have just learned that MrsWoo has been asked by EP to confine her post to blogs, not stories, because of the number of people who have taken offense.

There is racist humour that degrades, and racial humour that enlightens. I do not think MrsWoo's intention is to degrade or offend Chinese people. If I thought so, I would be offended on their behalf. Nor do I think she is trying to enlighten anyone through humour. If anything, I think she is gently poking fun at EP, creating a personna we can all recognise and enjoy, "lightening up" rather than enlightening. <br />
<br />
I am saddened that you are offended, Xiaomei, for I am sure that was not intended. Please note that your assumption that MrsWoo is a "white girl", and your remarks on her character, were assumptions, and could be taken as racist and offensive. MrsWoo, as far as I know, has done no outright name-calling.<br />
<br />
There is no race or class or gender or religion or culture not subjected to humour, not even WASPs. MrsWoo could have also just as easily be accused of ageism or antifeminism, I suppose, in assuming this character. <br />
<br />
I do respect your point of view, Xiaomei, and do not doubt that you have a right to it. Perhaps you could enter into an honest private dialogue with MrsWoo herself, and if you wish to enlighten her, please do it without anger in your words, or she will only hear the anger and not what you are really saying.

Personally, I had never heard of Mrs. Woo before I read this post but I have been and looked for her since just to satiate my curiousity.<br />
<br />
I am English, and people make fun of us all the time for being upper class twits. The idea that all English people speak like either **** Van Dyke or the Queen is so ingrained that in the culture of some countries that when I went to America with my rural English accent I was mistaken for Australian, South African and even German but nobody realised that I was English. However, I still find the stereotype of the English Upper Class Twit very funny, mainly because it's totally bogus.<br />
<br />
Then again, I do see Xiaomei's point and I can understand why some people would see it as an offense of their country. I just (personally and in this case) don't think that Mrs. Woo is hurting anyone. If s/he wants to pretend to be an elderly Chinese lady, fair enough. She's not hurting anyone. Stereotypes would not be stereotypes if they were true. You're ob<x>jecting to the way s/he says things rather than what s/he says. All of her posts are advocating love. Nothing offensive there at all.

Xiaomei, I understand how you feel. Believe me. I come from the east coast of the US, from a neighborhood that has seen wave upon wave of immigrants. Irish, German, Polish, Italian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Domenican. Phillipine, Egyptian, Pakestanii, Indian, etc etc. I am not exagerating. And the common denominator is always humor, finding that in every ethnicity that is central to its character but warm heartedly open for fun! A bit of teasing goes a long way among equals! I've seen it time and time again. So, please, don't be insulted. I really feel this little ethnic "tweak" is coming from a good place. She could do the same with any other old lady, maybe, we are all responding to the reputation the Chinese have for respecting their elders. That is a stereotype too!

and she has not insulted nor demeaned anyone... <BR>some people just insist on being negative nillies and can't laugh at life, let alone themselves... <BR><BR>~ signed the Fake Drew Berrymore ~ LOVER OF ALL

hmm. I've seen her comment on things here and there. I seriously doubted she looked anything like her picture, but other than that I didn't really take notice of her.

"Jewish people can make fun about being Jewish, Black people can make fun about being Black, Chinese people can make fun about being Chinese , etc, but it's not right for White people to make fun about being Chinese or any other race."<br />
<br />
I'm gay, so would it be insulting for me to pretend to be straight? I'm also white, how offensive...

I love everyone and many have asked me if I am Mrs. Woo today and again I state I am game NOT Mrs. Woo. I have no clue who Mr. Woo is either but I would like to play the translation game that you offered. I know a little bit about Mandarin and a little Cantonese from my friends. I will send you a PM directly to ask in case you didn't mean for anyone to translate it.

Xiaomei, I fully respect your story and comments. Mrs. Woo is obviously not real. But I also believe her intentions are good.

Lighten up people. It's all in jest and not meant to insult any one... hell, I'm an effin' redneck from Tennessee... let the humor fly. we all need a little love and laugh... tongue and cheeky laughter is fun... no one is being attacked here.. mrs woo's messages are all good... let's have a little fun.. P-L-E-A-S-E<br />
<br />
~ Drewberry Loves All People ~

I am saddened by the need of some to get attention by disrespecting other's cultures.<br />
Thank you for posting this xiaomei.<br />
Know that most here would never dream of being such an ***

she is a fake disrespectful

Lol. i have seen her picture somewhere too. i think it was on google.