My View On the Whole Ethnic, Cultural Issue


I have just read the comments posted in favor and against of what new member "Mrs. Woo" , is doing.I personally can´t judge on her/his motives because I don´t know what the reasons behind them are. I just see "Mrs. Woo" as someone who desperately wants and needs attention and from the looks of all that is written, this poster is getting it.

However the POINT  of MY  story here, is based on what I read on another thread on "Mrs. Woo" , where some posters stated  that in America all foreign born persons are "loved dearly, their accents considered cute and their differences accepted,  and that the common denominator is always humor, and warm heartedly open fun" . I disagree with these views because they are simply stretching reality a bit too much.

These posters may mean well because they were probably  raised in very tolerant families  who taught them to accept and respect ethnic and cultural differences ,which is to be commended, but that sadly is NOT the common denominator for all Americans.

I recently read comments on a story here on EP, where the posters openly complained at how much they hated it , when an advertisement or any type of information was announced in Spanish, since all "Mexicans" were illegals and did not deserve this privilege.

That attitude alone ( unfortunately shared by many American EP posters ) showed the ignorance and intolerance that is still rampant in this country, otherwise known as the Melting Pot .

Clearly to these very narrow-minded and geographically confused EP posters , the Melting Pot refers to a country where  all cultural and ethnic differences must be melted down into one big  chunk, in order to be accepted as an American. No diversity tolerated.

This saddened me because it showed Bigotry is still alive and kicking and even though, many Americans are not that way, there are still large numbers out there who have no respect for Cultural, Ethnic or Language differences, whatsoever.

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Right on, underconstruction.

Woo Hoo!


You should have seen it last year. It's so tame compared to the fiasco where one young lady made this crass statement about Mexicans needing to either learn English or get out. The comments following was deleting over sixty or so comments in one morning but saving the "sarcastic" ones that looked like an agreement. It went on for days. We started arguing about how some people in the US don't know geography about N and S America. And what two other countries are in North America. <br />
<br />
Boy...Then it got completely out of hand way into how some kids are misinformed about Indian being the right use of description and thinking true Indians from India should change it. Because it was...get the history books. WOW! Then it got worse! It was a blood fest.<br />
<br />
OK so that's exaggerating. But yes, it was very heated.<br />
<br />
Um, back to topic though. I do not think there should be a justification or blind sided attitude to hate and intolerance still existing (as it does in most every part of the world). But I also find it very absurd with how much attention this drew.<br />
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It the end...make a lot of us rethink and question our positions on what is racist and hateful.<br />
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I'll just say, I learn something new everyday...and I don't like the melting pot saying. Or salad bowl makes me giggle every time I hear it.

Very well written. I have nothing to add except BRAVO!!!<br />
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