Music Saved My Life

when i was young i liked music but i was more of a listener.
wen i was in my teens i started to experiment with various drugs and substances.
one day wen i was around 18 i was driving like a female colin mcrae and flipped my car, yea kind of thing that a guy would most likely do but anyway.
i woke up in the hospital and didnt know wat happened.
anw long story short wen i was home rehabilitating my self i stumbled upon my ex's guitar and Metal collection while i was bored and looking for his stash. for some reason the first thing i did was pick up the guitar and started struming , over the weeks and months i stoped caring about drugs and started learning the guitar and exploring the music collection.

its been 5 years and still i havent touched any substances, my only drug is music and life.
i now teach guitar and music to teen rehab patients and tell kids in schools about how music saved me and brought me back to the real world.
XaraOlimpioy XaraOlimpioy
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

That's really cool.