The Wall That Never Shouted Back

as always my little disclamier that my spelling, gammar, and sense of most writing sucks so you have to just read it sorry guys :D

no matter how many times you feel that same way or you end up in that same hole that person was always there, not someone of flesh and blood but the person of musical notes and lyrics that carried you through the night, the sleepless nights and the horrid times, well i want to share something with all of you, i started listening to one of my favorite bands Shinedown. well they have this new album called Amaryllis, well the interesting thing is that Amaryllis is a flower and the special thing about this flower is that the flower does not bloom during a certian season or anything, it just blooms when it wants to and even that no matter how we are and what we do to always be who we are, dont let others prejudge or just try and tell you what to do or when to do it, but always be who you want to be. i guess what im trying to say after listening to this entire album and a open mind i really realised how much lyrics and music has saved my life, ive battled and still do battle depression, ive conquored sucide and currently battle extreme knee problems but each day i look to my music and look for the brighter things to help me carry through and all i have to say is that no matter how bad things have gotten or how ****** things seem music has always been there, even when no one has saying the things you want to hear, comforting you with the warm arms of hope and helping you stay the same no matter how the times change is how music saves my life
HippieFreak6989 HippieFreak6989
22-25, M
Jan 5, 2013