Scorp Sun, Sag Moon, Aquarius Rising

Hello Everyone,

I am a Scorpio Sun, Sag Moon and Aquarius Rising. I have no idea how they all mesh together. What does this combo say about me/my personality?

Victoria82 Victoria82
26-30, F
2 Responses Oct 6, 2011

I am Scorpio sun, Sag moon too. Two words: optimism and determination. I think this is pretty true, my work has described me as this. The Sag takes a bit of the dark edge/intensity off of Scorpio, but you have to watch that you aren't too blunt. (I've given up). This combination is also quite idealistic and ethical. I do believe this combo is also prone to being impulsive (thanks Sag).

Saggitarius is Compatible with Aquarius but Scorpio and Aquarius are suppose to be enemies. I don't know how Scorpio relates with Saggitarius. I happen to be Aquarius. The Moon sign is more important than your Sun sign. In the olden days they went by the moon sign not the sun sign.