Scorpio Sun/gemini Moon/sagittarius Rising

Sometimes I think I was born to be philosopher or do something that requires prominent use of my intellect. Here is what my trifecta means to me.

As a Scorpio sun, I give and expect complete loyalty to those I let into my inner circle (and the number is few, very few). I love with an intense passion and expect the same in return. I have extreme patience in relationships, but if I'm pushed over the edge expect getting me back to be as difficult or more as it was to push me over in the first place. I want to know everything there is to know and do not accept any explanations not backed up by logic.

As a Gemini moon I absolutely must know everything about my favorite subjects. I study for fun. I can be verbose and though I am shy (perhaps a scorpio trait) I love to talk once I do find someone worth opening up to. I enjoy writing and reading. When I argue, I won't flip flop but I can use my logic and intelligence to win any argument I get into. I don't settle for learning about one thing at a time...I go from subject to subject. I'm very versatile and in any debate I can see both sides of the coin.

As a Sagittarius sun I love to travel. I am restless in the sense that I am happy to live in one place but I absolutely must have my vacations. I moved from the USA to Asia and feel more at home here than I ever did there. I love experiencing new cultures and learning new languages. I have complete loyalty and respect for those I care about, but I cannot be controlled. Wanderlust is part of who I am.

I view myself as a cosmopolitan - one who is simply a citizen of this Earth. I want to know how to talk to everyone and how to understand their points of views. I am very headstrong and capable in debate. I think my sun, moon, and ascendancy signs blend together perfectly to make an opinionated, intelligent, and philosophical traveler.
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4 Responses May 24, 2012

I am a pisces sun, gemini moon sag rising, libra midheaven. It's an interesting mixture that's for sure. What sign and house does your chart ruler fall in?

That's me!
Being scoprio suns we r not compatible with geminis nor with sags. Does having a sag rising or gemini moon change that? Can we get along with sags and geminis in relationships?

I had a gf of 4.5 years that was a sag...the reason we broke off wasn't due to incompatabiliy. Also, with gemini moon I get prone to mood swings it seems. All in all - I think astrology can tell us a lot about ourselves but it isn't the be all and end all. Any relationship takes hard work (I'm married to a Capricorn - one of the best matches for Scorpio). If you love someone - regardless of their sign - work at it.

I also have the same sun+moon+rising sign combinations as you.<br />
Don't forget to mention that we are also enthusiastic about new things and new people,new places.But also I have sometimes these complex feelings as if sometimes different signs from my charts take's like sometimes I love to meet new people and talk to lots of people(Sagittarius/Gemini),but sometimes I isolate myself from the world (Scorpio).Then there is sometimes this fear of major change(Scorpio) but getting bored because of the routine(Gemini+Sagittarius).Wanting affection from a partner(Scorpio) but also distance(Gemini),wanting intense feelings(Scorp),but also feeling suffocated by them (Sag).<br />
I don't really it just me because I have a lot of Scorpio in my Birth Chart or do you also get these confusing feelings?

I'm confused all the time - I have clear goals (scorpio) but many interests and can't decide (gemini) and while i want to stay grounded (scorpio) I get bored of being in one place (sagittarius).

I know how you feel.I always want to travel (Sag),yet I fear new beginnings(Scorp).

You are reading my thoughts brother. The problem with this combination is that you don't just understand people, you have this ability to define them like an astrologer or a veteran bureaucrat. Very uncomfortable/embarrassing for the people around you.