So Right About Me

I am sun Sagittarius (actually Ophiuchus), moon Leo and Rising Aquarius. The descriptions fit me so well.

Strange, though, how my horoscope is never ever right. I've had better results from fortune cookies.

PewterFantasy PewterFantasy
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6 Responses Jul 18, 2008

Thanks! I'll check it out, too.

I just watched my horoscope for today. I do feel a sense of optimism and the need to do some processing today. Not sure if it's because of my sign or because of the fact that I got the book "The Wisdom of the Enneagram" 3 hours ago. Either way, I'm gonna dive in it today lol

let me find it.<br />
I think it's like soulastrology or something on youtube.

what's the site?

My horoscope is often off to because they only base those on sun signs. I however found this online horoscope that was more in depth on youtube and I checked my rising sign and got more accuracy