Sun In Gemini and Moon In Pisces

 Here's a description of the combination 

"The Gemini Sun/Pisces Moon combination produces an individual possessed with a high degree of what is usually referred to as a "sixth sense." Thus, these Gemini subjects have a talent which will always help them get along in the world. This Gemini Sun/Pisces Moon combination is one of the most versatile and adaptable of the Zodiac, but it is also one in which frequent change and inconstancy can, at times, be problematic. Learning the difficult lesson of concentration here can be an early life challenge. These are highly receptive souls who are sensitive to the intangible vibrations around them. However, it is these vibrations which will doubtless guide this Gemini native along a path of survival. The receptivity of mind here encourages the assimilation of knowledge, making it possible for Gemini natives governed by the Pisces Moon to be well-informed on a variety of subjects, even though they are not likely to be an expert on any of them. On occasion, there will be trouble in seeing things in a truly perspective fashion because these Gemini individuals are anything but realists and, even when personal senses are wrong, it will be hard to convince them of any mistake. They possess an illusory quality which tends to keep them somewhat remote from the world, and personal goals and ambitions are never truly high. Nevertheless, the inherent creative and inventive abilities of Gemini persons who fall under the jurisdiction of a Pisces Moon are considerable. They are happiest when in a harmonious environment where they can escape the various pressures and stresses of general business life. Indeed, these Gemini individuals are temperamentally unsuited for such a vocation. Their best talents center on the intellectual, literary, aesthetic or artistic...although their versatility may open up opportunties in any number of other areas. These many abilities notwithstanding, Gemini Sun/Pisces Moon persons may lack self-confidence and are prone to attempt to justify personal motives for their actions...even when it is unnecessary to do so...often harboring an innate feeling of being misunderstood. These are introspective souls, frequently holding fixed ideas about themselves which may be at complete variance with the facts. There is a quick and perceptive mind here...when this Gemini individual is not too busy engaging in daydreaming. Gemini natives who are ruled by the Pisces Moon possess an instinctively hospitable nature...a nature which is sympathetic and understanding of fellow humankind."



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Im a gemini sun and pisces moon aswell, as soon asbi read this I understood myself just a little bit more. All of this is me to the T its amazing, too read something that seems like it was literally wrote about you :):) I personally think my combination is verry iteresting, very, :) lol

Hi, I have to agree with brobian below, this explains me very well. you stated: "These are highly receptive souls who are sensitive to the intangible vibrations around them." This is so true; I pick up on peoples anger,or sadness, or frustration, or apathy. My challenge has been not ot react according to these feelings but to be patient to see if they are accurate (give them the benefit of the doubt). And music vibrations, especially stringed instruments touch my soul, the very core of my being in a way I haven't seen in too many others, except maybe SRV. I always defend the underdog, and have a heart to help the less fortunate. However at 47 years old, I still haven't found a career path that works for me.

I've just recently took an interest in astrology. I'm 37 and I've just learned that I'm a Gemini/Pisces. This amazingly describes me 100%

I know a lady with this combination and she is th most graceful soul I have met. She is kind and sweet and very idealistic about people. Not only that, she has a strong sense of integrity and will protect the underdog. It is as though these people have universe on their side. They might easily be taken advantage of, and probably do, but somehow they are morally above others, (I belive this is a pisces moon trait) and so noone really stands a chance at violating them for long. Because of their goodness, the angels are protecting them. :
I am a scorpio moon, and understand and appreciate them.

Thank you :)

I've curious, naturally, as Gemini sun w/ Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Cancer and Venus in Gemini. Now, I've been looking at astrology for many, many years and I'm just stunned at some of researchh people have done on this. Being a novice, here's what I can share with you: Sun and Venus in Gemini, Moon and Ascendant in Pisces and Ascendant. Aries in Mars and Mercury in Cancer... what does all this mean in simple beginners terms??

Look at your natal chart. You can get it free on Google it's a star map of you as an individual

The higher learning is the part I believe apply to me, but the religion and travel part I'm not so sure about. Aaaaaand I haven't studied the koch or placidus methods, but I think the sites I use to create my charts use the Placidus method.<br />
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"i guess the one that denotes me best is correct? "<br />
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I agree completely :)

cool! so...a stellium in gemini in the house of higher learning/religion/travel...any or all of these apply to u? the unsolved mystery, i really like ur user name!<br />
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which do u prefer--koch or placidus? for me, the one method puts 3 planets in the 5th, the sun in libra on one side and venus and neptune in scorpio on the other. or the other method has mercury and sun together in libra in 4th and venus and neptune in scorpio in 5th! i guess the one that denotes me best is correct? i LOVE astrology and its teachings but STILL am somewhat unsure if i am reading charts accurately sometimes!

Nice. I have my 9th house cusp in Gemini as well as my sun in gem (9th), venus in gem (9th), and mercury (9th). They all form a stellium by the way.

....that one line....'an illusory quality keeping them separate from the world'....that describes me better than anything yet. i have gemini residing in the house of pisces, 12th, ruled by my mercury in libra.

....that one line....'an illusory quality keeping them separate from the world'....that describes me better than anything yet. i have gemini residing in the house of pisces, 12th, ruled by my mercury in libra.