Shifting Moon,lol

Moon:Virgo (sometimes Leo)
Asc node:Pisces

I did a couple of different chart calculations...not sure what exactly my Moon is :)  

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3 Responses Jun 6, 2009

Lol I think so, at least from a lesson/experience standpoint. Aaaaand wow LunarPanda! That's a pretty a good interpretation. <br />
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Hmmmmm let me give this a shot. I'd sayyyyyyy....that Mercury has a strong influence, since it's your chart ruler, it's in the sign it rules, and it disposits in your Sun and Moon. LOL okay...i still need practice.

If you know your rising sign, you must know your exact time of birth. That should make calculating your Moon sign fairly easy. Isn't it between noon and 2 PM?<br />
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If you do have Virgo rising and your moon is in Virgo, probably in the first house, you should have a a strong, close attachment to your Mother. As a double Virgo, you are very meticulous,extremely neat and organized, rather perfectionistic, and tend to be rather critical and analytical about almost everything. You probably tend to have a rather sensitive digestive system and rather picky about what you eat in general. You should be rather deicate and refined in both your features and mannerisms. You probaly look,and will always look, younger than you really are -- esp with a Gemini Sun.You may be somewhat high strung and even nervous A leo Moon, esp in the 12th house will be quite different -- more self-oriented, even ego centric, more extroverted, possibly with much fuller thicker hair and overall much more attitude. Moon in the 12th would also indicate that you have some serious secrets that you would prefer not to be known.

Lol I think my lilith is opposite yours. I have lilith in pisces