My Dad Was Beat Up And Cheated On By My Mother

My mum and dad met over 12 years ago. My mum seemed a perfect and happy woman. But she was a drug and alcohol addict. She had her own son Brodie who was never looked after by her. My dad worked long hours, and never came home until about 10-11 o'clock.  Brodie would still be awake, and would ask my dad for something to eat, as mum had either passed out or couldn't be bothered.

When my mum was awake and my dad had just come home, she forced him to stay awake the entire night while she slept. She would sleep with a knife so she could murder him if he ever fell asleep. She was very strong, and would kindof beat him. My dad told the police, but they just laughed.

My mum went out one weekend and hooked up with another man, Paul. She came back and did the deed with my dad while pregnant with Pauls child, me. My dad didnt know until 3 years later, when we finally left her. 
She did other things, like leaving me in my nappy for a WHOLE day! Also threatening to murder me by putting me on the train tracks. I hate my mum. I havent spoken to her in months. Not even last Christmas day.

Ive never met my biological father and the courts tried tracking him. He left without a trace. Im happy with the dad Ive got, biological or not, he loves me and I do too.
mrsmastin mrsmastin
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That's sad, well I'm glad you love your dad! :D