Dates Didn't Matter

I don't remember the year, but as an early teen my younger brother pointed out to me one day that my birthday and my parents' anniversary dates didn't jive and that I was a mistake. It came as no surprise to me whatsoever as I'd always felt like a mistake. I didn't think twice about this tiny detail which had been left out, it was always understood. Days later my mother approached me in tears. Apparently my brother had shared with her what he'd told me and she felt guilty. I was oddly unaffected by her tears and I told her matter of factly that the the dates were no big deal but that being the brunt of her and my father's anger every time they argued was. Children can be very perceptive, and when my parents fought with each other (as they always did) then screamed at me since I was very young it was drilled into me at a very early age that had it not been for me they wouldn't have all of the problems they fought over.

True, my own daughter was unplanned, but she knows without any doubts that she's by no means a mistake and very precious to her daddy. They say that we grow up to be our parents without intending to, and in some ways that's true. But we do have choices to not repeat some of the mistakes our parents made.  

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Thanx Shortie, but it's nothing remarkable. Even the smallest children percieve and understand things which are not spoken yet clearly evident.