Arent Your Parents Supposed To Have The Same Blood Type As You?

well my parents dont...i know im not adopted cause i have seen my birth certificate.
both my mom and dad are a or ab not sure..but me and my brother are both O he is
O positive and i am O negative...rare. :/ weird family genes? or was i mixed with another baby at the hospital born at the same time?

O_o im confused.
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2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

I'm adopted and my birth certificates has my adopted parents name on it. Birth certificates get changed when adoptions are finalized.

well..i guess that's possible, maybe your grandparents or someone else in family also had negative Rh? my parents are both B, my brother is B and I am O xp there was a 1/4 chance that i would have O or something.. it's already rare that both you and brother both have're just unique..let it go and accept that