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Why Women Need Lots Of Big Breast Attention

Without question , men and women are attracted to breasts. Breasts are the first thing we all seek as soon as we are born. And, women love to suckle their children. This does not end at babyhood! This relationship sticks with us through life. Most normal Women love breast attention, especially if it is of an erotic nature.
Add to this the fact that the breasts NEED the attention in young women to prepare them for future lactations.

I have been involved in the large breast , adult nursing, and general lactation field for some 35 years. I'm constantly amazed at how much dissatisfaction there is among married couples and those with live in common law partners . It is not only present in the older couples but also in those in their 30's and up.

Of course, the area of concern that I hear most about has to do with breasts and breast play. Stunning as it seems, apart from those lucky few, women with big breasts complain about not getting the attention they seek on their breasts from their partners. You would think that these men were drawn to their lovers in part due to the breast size. Incredibly many of these men hate big breasts! Some used to go through the motions of playing with the breasts at the start of the relationship, only to drop it off to just a kiss or squeeze 2 years down the road. Why is this the case? Are the men bored with big breasts? Is the woman not able to communicate the need for attention in this area? What is the problem?

At the same time we have men who love big breasts married to women with B cups and dreaming of breasts big enough to suffocate within. I hear the same stories day in day out from the women and from the men I meet. That's why I ask, is anyone happy with what they have? Apparently very few are happy . When lactation comes into the picture the problems seem to triple. Many big breasted women have an aching need to be suckled, be they are producing milk or not. From my experience, most well endowed women for some uncertain reasons, their breasts seem to crave this attention for longer periods than their small cup sisters. I believe it is the breast size alone that demands this attention. Perhaps breast size has a lot to do with it in many cases.

There must be a connection with the fact the breasts of these women grew to such larger proportions. Are these larger breasts connected with a greater need and want to nurture and mother? Is this the cause for the aching need to be suckled for long periods? It is difficult to say for certain, but I tend to say yes. And, yes I know that it seems plain as day to some. But in fact it is not so clear even though facts seem to point in that direction. I have also noticed that large breasted women have a strong desire to be suckled by their mate when in lactation. In fact many big breasted women in the lactation state yearn and ache to be suckled by not just their mate but by as many mouths as possible.

Having both breasts suckled at once is a strong fantasy of many. Small breasted women also enjoy being suckled but hardly in the same numbers as the larger breasted sisters. Further proof of the nurturing and mothering appeal and needs of big breasts. The problems appear when the mates refuse to nurse from these well endowed lactating women. Although many men will taste breast milk once or twice, the vast majority are turned off by big lactating breasts. Yes, with the spread of the internet and greater access to Adult Nursing and lactation websites things are changing somewhat, but not for those stuck in their ways. No wonder I get so many emails from women asking me to connect them with big milky breast loving men. At the other end, I get a few men asking me to connect them with lactating women. Unfortunately I'm not here as a dating service, so please don't ask me.

For many women the life saver seems to be the good old breast pump. For these women the pump is their best friend and more. Others simply want a shoulder to cry on and to vent their emotions and fantasies. Guest who they contact to the point of clogging the mail box? Who can they talk to about these "wild, unspeakable" fantasies. Most friends wouldn't understand. The average doctor thinks they are nuts. Well, I usually get to hear them all. I understand them fully because of the years I put into researching this subject. I can count on one hand the people that have done similar studies as me. If I was a poor listener I would never have accumulated the knowledge I have in this grey area of human needs, fantasies, wants, and feelings, along with big breast and lactation physiology.

S.G. copyright 2010 Lactation Consultant, Counseling & Researcher in lactation inducing/ macromastia/gigantomastia Galactorrhea, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Vitamin Therapy

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