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Lost And Found, Lost In My Own Body Somedays

Its impossible to describe the feeling of feeling like your body isnt your own anymore. I grew up and developed pretty normal.
Nothing unusual, no precocious puberty or early menstration. Life was pretty straight forward until I was 19.
I got pregnant, and had a miscarriage in the 4th month. I hadnt planned on getting pregnant, but it happened.
My boyfriend of the time decided we should get away, we went snowboarding for three days. Im not a great snow boarder but
Im comfortable doing it and had been a few times. I followed him down a run that was a little beyond my ability. Long story short
I had an accident, was knocked unconcious from the force of my head snapping back so quickly, broke my patella and fractured my femur.

About 5 weeks later I noticed that my bras werent fitting so well, I was a natural full C cup. I felt like maybe I had gained some weight from being less active.

I watched my diet but out grew my bra in a month. I didnt think much of it until the next month. I noticed my new bra seemed to fit like my old ones. I sat there and stared at it thinking I must be trying to wear an old one. I had gone up another size.
I went to my Dr who sent me to my ob/gyn who sent me to several other Drs who all said it must be weight gain and my diet.

4 months and 4 cup sizes later I was diagnosed with rapid onset macromastia. Plenty of theories or areas to blame, but no real true answers. Six years later I finally feel like Im finding the puzzle pieces to who I am again.

If you have experienced half of this, I wish you the best and offer my empathy. If you have advice or experience or need a friendly outlet, I'd like you to mail me.
AbbyVents AbbyVents 22-25, F 27 Responses Sep 4, 2011

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I'm so heartbroken for your loss. I'm so sorry I don't have words.

nice story <3

wow, great story..thanks for sharing

I am part of society and I think you are more than welcome!

Do you think the accident caused your brain increase your breast growth? Maybe the pregnancy tripped it. How are you dealing with it now?

there are some girls wanna have this accident LOL

add me please

Wow, hope that is 'all' the problems from the accident!

sweet abby, so sad to hear ur life events. But dont give up. Hang in there. My prayers are with u. lots of hugs for u.

", oh wow, pretty & big ****..." friends pls

...u have had it rough, but hey look on the bright side, u have big ****!!!

WOW what A rollercoaster ride U've been on & U'r life has become Baby !!

thats a hot story

Seriously?! That's what you get out of this?! Ask any female friends (that is, if you have any) how many times they've had stick a key between their knuckles and cross to another side of the street while out walking. It's because of male "thinking" and behavior like this. If someone goes online for a refuge to spill their heart out, they shouldn't have to face that exact same kind of crap here, too.

I can relate. If you want to share stories or I can be of any help, let me know.

woah that accident sounds like a sore one :(

Abby, there's an element of your ordeal that ought to be emphasized to anyone who reads it: there's a bad tendency among some doctors to not take health complaints of women as seriously as those of men. I don't know whether it's due to conscious sexism, or whether it's because men are perceived (wrongly) to be less likely to go to a doctor so there's a built-in assumption that something must really be wrong and so get taken more seriously right away than women sometimes are, or what, but it happens. It happens all too often with all sorts of issues, and sometimes people die as a result. It happened here when you got the run-around for four months, and things had to get as bad as they did before you were finally taken seriously. I'm truly sorry you had to go through that, in addition to everything you went through before and since then.

A similar thing happened to my wife, who eventually died from lymphoma. Her first symptoms were a lot of coughing and shortness of breath. She went to her primary care physician, who did what anyone would do in that case and prescribed antibiotics. After that didn't change anything, she went back, and her doctor referred her to an ear, nose and throat specialist. The earliest appointment she could get with him was almost a month later. The ENT doctor turned out to be an old geezer a year away from retirement who saw her for about two minutes, barely listened to her and told her the problem was that she needed to drink more water, and to come back in a month if things weren't better. One month later, with the coughing getting worse and her starting to experience attacks of night sweats, he once again blew her off and said, again, to drink more water. This time, at least he did bother to look at her tonsils and notice they were swollen, and said that maybe she had tonsillitis, and to come back in another three weeks if things didn't improve. Two weeks later, she was back early with everything still getting worse, and he finally decided it was time to schedule a tonsillectomy for another month later after again seeing her for a couple of minutes and not caring about the night sweats or any of her other symptoms. It was only when she went back to her primary care doctor at that point for a pre-surgery check-up that that doctor, noticing all the symptoms, immediately sent her to the hospital for a chest x-ray instead, which found the lymph node tumor between her lungs that had been causing all the increasingly worse coughing and shortness of breath. Unfortunately, by then, the cancer was in stage IV. Because it was so aggressive, it likely wasn't anywhere close to that point when she first began to get the run-around from the ENT doctor. The eventual outcome might have been very different if it was caught at that point.

I, for one, am glad that I don't live all that close by anymore and don't know what he looks like, because if I ever actually ran into the guy and recognized him I have no idea what might end up happening.

A friend of mine from college died a few years ago from ovarian cancer, which was only diagnosed about four months after it was first misdiagnosed as a broken rib.

These sorts of things happen all too often, and sometimes with deadly results. If anyone reading this is in a situation or knows someone in a situation where they feel like their doctor might not be taking them seriously, know there's nothing wrong with being an impatient patient. It's OK to come right out and say that you don't feel like your complaints are being treated with the seriousness they deserve and see if that helps the situation. It's OK to ask a lot of tough questions. It's OK to go elsewhere for a second opinion, a third opinion, a fourth opinion, whatever, until your health issues, whatever they are, get treated with the seriousness they deserve.

Miscarriage, broken bones, concussion, I think abnormal breasts would take a back seat to all of that. What pain and anguish you must have suffered. My advice would be to stay strong no matter what. Start working out with weights and stretch your joints. It may be a bit painful but you can overcome that. Go to a doctor that understands the inherant human strength in all of us. I think you will come to understand the soft parts of you body then. Strengthen your back muscles and buttocks to support the extra weight on your chest. You can carry, you can carry, you can carry. You will be superb, say it to yourself.
I do hope you can still bear chidren. Bless your heart.

it is really strange....but come on, do not be sad. try to enjoy your new advantages and try to not think about the disadvantages :)

Go Gurl

What are the other symptoms of this disorder? is it dangerous?

I'll happily be a friend to you if you'd like, Miss. I'm more concerned about the person than appearance :) I like being a good friend.<br />
<br />
-A Friend

You have beautifull breasts but it's a big problem for you?

I've heard of other women that after severe accidents their breasts started to grow very fast. Your situation may have been augmented of your miscarriage. I'm glad you found your way in life and I guess you ignore bad comments and looks and just keep the good admiring ones. For my part I would treat you as my princess and spoil you for your whole life. I admire you for your courage and wish you all the best. I'd appreciate to get in your circle so we can stay in contact.

You sound amazing!! You look like a beautiful girl!! I'd love to be the lucky guy to have a girl with this situation!! I would be very loving and understanding!! All my love, and all my best! I'd love to see your pics! Roger

My cousin was diagnosed with macromastia, and the doctor said it was due to the hormones when she got pregnant with her first child. She is a 42M or N I believe, not something I feel comfortable asking her, but I think I overheard her say something to my mother about it once.<br />
<br />
did they say if it will stop? or will it continue? I know she shot up in about a 6 month time from like a B to a K or something like that. they have slowed down, but I think she goes up a cup a year or something.<br />
<br />
Good luck and I can sort of sympathize, having helped her deal with it some. I know out in public she has a hard time dealing with some of the creeps, and asks me to go with her when I'm in town.

do you feel that the accident kicked started your growth? what did you doctors say was the reason?

My first reaction to the subject was "who says" but I can see that this is something that is really bothering you, and could be tied to your accident, the miscarriage, or some other medical reason. It is indeed strange that you, over 21 would experience this sudden growth of your breasts. I hope that you find the answer, and if not an answer, a way to live with it. I know that it probably bothers you more than anyone else and that in itself could be a problem. Good luck and keep ups posted.