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Overly Self Conscious About Everything I Wear

this group is perfect for me. i know my boobs are too big for society because i absolutely cannot go out in public without having every man i walk by stare at my breasts. my other girlfriends with big (not gigantic like mine) breasts say that they notice men sneak a peak or two every now and then. its not even worth looking guys i pass in the eye anymore because they are always staring at my breasts. no matter if i wear sports bras or overly tight tank tops underneath my clothes, my breasts always bounce when i walk. i have one top that i feel confident walking to the grocery store in because i know it supports me. it is so hard shopping for clothing and walking down the street confidently because my breasts are just too big for society. anybody else out there feel the same way, would love to chat and vent ugh
2big4cum4rt 2big4cum4rt 22-25, F 18 Responses Jul 27, 2012

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there is no such thing as too big. Everyone is different, some men have big, and some small, and they have to live with what they got. The ladyes are same. Many man are attracted and curious about large breasts, as they didn't had a chance to experience one probably. Large breasts are probably hard on backs to carry, but you should be just proud with what you get, and let the wifes of staring men fix them :-)

I totally agree. Actually, I love large breasts.

Have you tried going to specialty stores?

unfortunately this is life. we are all.attracted to certain profiles. maybe some like short people with small feet. alot of men like large breasts however i have many friends which would prefer to date with women who have a C cup or smaller.. i am sure it can be very frustrating especially if you are not looking for that type of attention....

A friend of mine was told she could not enter a club because her breasts were too large. They thought it was not appropriate for the club or something strange. It was very rude.

I think it's something primal with a woman with large breasts, but remember you are a thing of beauty, no matter how big your beasts are. Be proud of them.

Be proud and happy about your big boobs. Your beauty has drawn many fans every day, every where you go. Your presence makes every mans day. Keep smiling.

I hate it when some unspoken "rule" says that breasts are too big to be out in public. These prudish louts don't deserve any attention. I admire large female breasts, but I hope I can be a gentleman and keep from staring!

I know how you feel...I am a very curvy latina and work in the corporate world...its a very difficult environment...would love to chat sometime...

msg me missy

That would be difficult.

In Fairness, If Your Right ArmWere That Much Bigger And Sexier Than Other Women, If State At Your Right Arm

Boobs are never too big!! Love to see more of them! Please add me as a friend :)

You have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. The important thing is that you feel comfortable with who you are both as a human being and especially as a woman.

i love all type of breasts, of course i look at them when i first look at a women but when i talk to them i look them in the eyes all women deserve respect!!!

walk with your chest sticking out and your head held up high, if you got it you cant help how voluptuous you look, just gifted in your own way


As a guy I can't see why it bothers you so much, not that I don't feel for you, I do. But unless men are bugging you all the time why not just enjoy what you've been given?
Men experience the same thing but opposite, as a bodybuilder I can't wear what "normal' guys do because if I do everybody says I'm showing off. I just say no I want to be comfortable too, why is it different for me!? Anyway, I can understand how you feel, and I wish the best for you. It looks like you have real pretty hair.

i hate to agree with acid here, but he does have a point. with that dress on, no one is gonna look u in the eye.

ugh this is why i don't friend any guys on EP. i don't get dressed thinking where will guys stare today. i wear what i like and you pervs just cant help yourself. just so you know there are plenty of men out there that don't do what you do because they have class. good luck creep

creep? lol.. ok firstly, i'm a girl and even i cudn't look anywhere else but right there. and dont get me wrong, i'm not saing that u shud cover urself up. but since u wrote a story about how u seem to be attracting so much attention i feel obligated to tell u that its not the breasts, its how u portray ur breasts. if i wear a dress similar to urs, i'm going to attract attention too, and i'm a small breasted female. i'm sure acid didn't mean anything else either. thanx for all the best wishes though. i wish u luck too.

You should not take the glances as bad attention, take them as compliments. But I can understand that you would LOVE just to pass as everybody else. But you should probably accept that you are so special that everybody wants to take a sneak as your appearance is so nice. So take it as compliments and BE PROUD !!

Would love to meet you and suckle you

i here, but i'm a guy, if you would like to chat/vent lol