Im jennifer and im 13yo. My brother is 11. I know he peeks on me but i guess i dont mind. Does anybody else have a family member do that too.
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Way cool it sounds like both of you may be having some fun because of him peeping :) And being 11, I bet he's doing more than just peeking :) If he's not doing it at the same time he's looking, once he's back in his room alone I bet he's busy enjoying thinking about what he peeked on all over again :)

Yes, my daughter often opens my door, without knocking and seeing me sleeping nude. She has seen me doing her mom, too.

Do you give him opportunities to peek? What has he seen and does it turn you on?

Does it excite you

Oh god, my younger brother would do that as well. Annoying at times, but boys will be boys. They're just curious.

Hi there want to chat Yeah do

Mine did, a couple nephews that do now. It's just plain old curiosity

I think it's pretty normal for brothers to attempt to see their sisters naked as often as possible.
Some brothers poke a hole in the closet, walk in on you showering, change for the pool in front of you. I think brothers know seeing their sister naked is ok

You could really blackmail him if you were to "catch" him. You could make him do anything.

I use to spy on my older sisters they were twins so I got double the pleasure. It was really nice when they would take baths.

I also know that my niece peeks in on me when I go to my brother's house & stay the weekend.

You know, I only had brothers but I suspect any boy with a sister (or female cousin) would probably try to peek. I don't think we can help it - it's in our nature.

do you ever bend over as he watches?

I'd like to see what your bro gets to see ;-)

message me i can't add you

Once, a long time ago, an aunt did


It was interesting, I always wondered how often she did it before I finally noticed. I remember after noticing it, she was standing just outside my bedroom door, it happened three more nights in a row, then just stopped


That's nice :) Isn't it cool to know that someone is watching u ;)


Do u actually give show to ur bro? He would love that!

I used to spy on my older cousin whenever I would visit (she was in Camden, Arkansas).

I used to peek on my older sisters...

My brother hides in the closet and sumtimes under my bed where did u peek from

Closet, or at times I would just look while they slept.

Ok so they were dressed then

No. My family are nude sleepers.

I am but he isnt

Huh? How do you know your brother doesn't sleep naked? Have YOU been peeking? LOL!

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next time he peeks grab him tape him to a chair and get the makeup and a nice bottle of perfume out XD well u know what to do from there :D

Thanks that sounds good lol

i dare u to go into class and ask him if u could paint his nails :) i did that once and my teacher let me do it it was funny he had cute pink nails :)


would u do that :D

Already knew your power over men, huh?

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