He Tipped Petrol And Nearly Caused A Major Incident

it may have been accidental but it could have been fatal...

I know my brother and his wife went around egging people in cars at night...

and made fun of people ...they even made fun of this sweet little girl of 5 or 6  for how she was dressed

my brother got into trouble with police over a stolen bike

and he punched a guy at mt cootha

I think karen was teaching stephanie to shop lift

she wanted to steal some clothes one day in a change room and I had to stop her.

my brother and sister are stalking me and getting people to abuse me

they are trying to stop me making friends and I am like a prisoner all the time

I want compensation for all this abuse.  they can't keep taking guys from me or jobs

I think they want my clothes and the house too.

I don't like them I think they are evil... they used to go out poshy around while I looked after their little girl

and they seem to think I deserve nothing

karen seemed to think ken carey who date raped me was perfect... so I think she should have him then...

I never wanted the guy and will never want to see him again. he was a complete bloody idiot.

I believe karen would get me raped.   she is a real game player.  you can't trust her with any guy....

she is used to men flocking to her and I am not.
czaristacrystals czaristacrystals
36-40, F
May 20, 2012