Okay so basically I've never met my dad..But what makes it harder is that I know him but I don't think he's even aware of my existence..In my country he used to be quite famous so I know some things about him..My mum and my dad had an affair I guess you could say so I'm probably an accident..The only thing I have from my dad is my middle name..My middle name is basically the girl version of my dad's name..It just makes it painful because that's also the name of one his daughters(she's 21).Ive always wanted to meet him but my mum would not let me and my mum doesn't want to talk about this topic..I don't even know..It's like recently I find myself thinking about dad and just ending up being depressed more and more often..By the way I'm 14 years old.Also I know all of my half-siblings social media details and two of them are also quite known in my country so there are plenty of opportunities to meet them.I currently like in UK..When I go to my country I'm planning on sneaking out and maybe meeting my dad(he is now a pastor) but I can't exactly just waltz in out of the blue and just say "Oh hi!Im your daughter!"
Anyone have advice?He is a little older than my mum and I guess I'm quite scared to never meet him and it would be too late..Also sometimes I just wonder what it would be like having a father by your side.So if anyone have any advice that would be very helpful.
Arianne0519 Arianne0519
16-17, F
Aug 15, 2014