Lily Bloom Swimmer

You make your home in the pond where you swim all day long. Your element and your magic is Water. You are at home in the water and you love being near aquatic life. You are ever changing like the river flows. The color you wear is blue. Your pet is a frog. 


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36-40, F
6 Responses Feb 9, 2009

WIGU i did see mine...hmmm. Maybe do what puck said :)<br />
<br />
Wonder if they come out in the winter!

Mine is Robin Goodfellow.<br />
Not very many people can see faeries, but if you go into the forest with a white sheet of paper on a sunny day. you can see their shadows on the paper. Really!

Hehe WIGU...i had to laugh at your comment. Didn't your test result come with a picture of the fairy ?

Hehe...ok PeacePixie i promise to train my frog to behave around your spiders, wouldn't want to ruin that dress ;)<br />
<br />
Come on Smokey, let your inner fairy out! :)<br />
<br />
Datura, it is just perfect, isn't it ;)...i would be delighted to make your pond my fairy home and hang out with the fish... just have to keep them cranes away *grin*

Wow, is that not perfect?????<br />
<br />
And You can live in my pond and have all colors of water lilies to enjoy and lots of frogs!

I cant in good conscious take the quiz, but I am interested.