It Sucks

My family doesn't like me. I don't think they hate me, but I know that they could do without me.

My mom goes without saying. I don't care if she has a mental illness, if she really loved me, she wouldn't try to mess me up, or scream at me. She tries to say the most hurtful things she can think of and I'll never admit it to her, but they do the trick. She finally got me to believe that I am a worthless peice of **** and a waste of air hahaa.

My sister... now she HATES me. I never did anything to her I swear to God. If anything, I try every day to be the best sister I can for her. I give her money, I buy her things, anything to make her life easier. It's always been like that because all I wanted was for her to accept me. I would do her chores, take blame for things she did, basically anything if it meant she would love me at least a little. I hate going into rooms with her in it. She glares at me for no reason, everything little detail I do she notices it and she has something mean to say. I know she can't stand me being there. My very being just makes her angry. I guess I can relate because sometimes that's how I feel about my mom... The only difference, I gave her no reason to feel like this, so it's frustrating.

My dad isn't too fond of me either. I look up to him a lot, but I have to beg for him to take me somewhere we can hang out or go for hikes with me like he used to. But now he just doesn't have the time. I know I annoy him, I ask a lot of questions about school and colleges and he's tired of it. He's tired of me. I'm the reason why his wife hates life I guess, so I understand why he wouldn't want much to do with me.

It really sucks being in a house where no one likes you. I'm not even that bad of a kid I swear. Sure I hit a rough patch and got caught smoking or having weed in my room... But I stopped smoking, I dropped all my friends that were bad for me. Today, they ate dinner together my mom, dad, and sister... We never eat together, but when I went down to eat with them, there was only three plates on the table... They don't even bother setting me one, I took the hint and went back upstairs.

I just wish I knew what the hell I am doing wrong so I can fix it.
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2 Responses Jan 14, 2013


your sister probably does appreciate you, just to damn proud to admit it now, in due time.

You are not doing anything wrong and nobody deserves to be in that situation! Just get ready to be independent and go find a better place and work in your future !!!

Good luck.