Favorite Experience Recorded in My Journal

I loved riding along the California coast and enjoying the plants, so different from those of the desert and of the Midwest.
Five years before the events of this story Hubby had decided we would move back to the Midwest, and separation from folks who had given me support had been costly to my spiritual health.  Hubby felt that if I spent a couple of weeks back at the retreat on the coast I would be renewed.
He didn’t understand how I had changed in those five years.  He didn’t know that I no longer belonged in any sacred place because I would sully the vibrations.  He didn’t know, and he insisted that I go, and now it was the day of the flight.
It was a holy season, and I had enjoyed taking my time choosing flowers for it.  They were pale yellow daisies and soft white spider mums.  They were beautiful in my meditation room, arranged pure and simply with no greenery; and this morning, when I went in, my heart leaped seeing them.  My little mind knew that they must be a sign that I belonged here--not on the coast. 
When Hubby led me outside I turned and saw what seemed to be a miracle nestled to the right of the door.  A couple of years before I had planted a two-foot circle of yellow daffodils there, and this day they were at the peak of their bloom but, this year, there were also wild blue and white jump-ups which had migrated over and crowded in among them and were also blooming zealously.   It was from heaven; certainly another sign that this was where I belonged, and I was miserable because of the desecration I was being forced to commit. 
But  here I was, taking my beloved slow route up the coast.  The ocean and the exotic plants were there – right there -- but the exultation that I thought I would never lose at seeing them was gone. 
Finally I was standing at the gate, staring-- and crying.  When I finally pushed it open I saw, nestled to the right of the door, a circle, about two feet across, of yellow daffodils with blue and white jump-ups crowded among them.  My mind, not quite overwhelmed, said, "How odd that such plants would be in this place. What a very strange coincidence."
I checked in, set my bag in front of my room and hurried to the darkened little chapel where I saw, spotlighted on the altar, an arrangement of pale yellow daisies and soft white spider mums, a pure and simple arrangement with no greenery; and my heart leaped at seeing them.


Post script:  I have been unable to find a pic of jump-ups like these wild Ozark ones.  I was gifted the ones in our yard by a lady who was trying to stay the extinction of several wild flowers.  Those and their carbon copies in California are the only ones I've seen.   
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I think few places & things have some connectivity with our souls. May be because they have some relation with our previous birth, if we believe in reincarnation.
Thanks for sharing. :)

Thanks, Alpha. for your visit and comment. :)


I really enjoyed reading this story nell

But am a bit slow on the uptake

So ... the answer was that it was right for you to move?

For me, the answer was Love. About giving and receiving love, and about the giving and receiving being the same, and being omnipotent and omnipresent. For me, Love was the answer. The answer is about meldng into Cosmic Love, thus making any other answer moot.

Thanks, Tas. I love your question.

Yes I understand this answer.
It is something that I have only recently come to realise- that so often there is no need of an answer. Often times not only has the question changed but an answer no longer matters.

Oh, dear Tas. I am not a bit surprised that you zeroed in.

Mejj!!! Here you are again. I bid you welcome.

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I believe you are a true mystic, dear nelladell. And, such a blessing to all. Thank you for the chill bumps all up and down my arms :)

Maybe my definition of mystic does not agree with your definition. Anyhow, I don't think of myself as a mystic because these strange things that happen to me are not my doing. They are gifts from spirit guides. So, if your definition says I am a mystic, then you are, too, because (at least I presume that this is so) you also "stand and receive" your photos and silent teaching voices.

Or it could be that you have more to do with the "gifts" you get than I do with mine.

Either way, you are one of the wonderful folks here for whom I am very very grateful.

Oooooooh, I soooo enjoyed that! Mentally I am sending you a beautiful bouquet. Have you received it yet, because I am turning blue... *laughs*

Kdart! Were you able to hang in there? I lost internet just as I punched the button to read this and before it got here. Is the bouquet yellow daffodils? Heh. 'tis the season. I hope you are not still holding your breath because I do not consider that to be a good thing. :D



Obviously you were being watched over and blessed. With the love you show for others it is really not surprising that you are blesses in this way no matter where you are.
Thank you for sharing.

You're so sweet, Climber. Thanks.

I don't believe in coincidences,they certainly are not coincidences when they happen over again.

Thanks, Berangere. This did strike me as a stretch.

Find the pic

i have come to the conclusion that there is no pic. and the lawn at that house has been torn up and cleanly and perfectly landscaped, all sign of wild violets and trillium and those lbeautiful little pink and white shade loving thingies gone.

How unaccountably beautiful. Thank you, nell. Both your removal of this post and y our republishing of it show your heart's glow. This is a story which I know will be in my mind when next I move on.

Dear Rabbit, I can't believe that I did not see and respond to this before now -- now that you seem to have moved on. Thank you so much.

I miss you a lot.