And I Thought I Had Been Living Simply.

I find getting old to be a very great pleasure as I sit in my not uncomfortable chair.

There’s no desire for a magazine or a computer or TV or phone or backrub or window view—actually, not even for chocolate..
Inside there is comfort.  It’s very interesting inside.  There is solace inside.  It’s a grand resting place.  It – just -- feels good.
nelladell nelladell
70+, F
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I love your "not uncomfortable chair" lol That is so perfect, I am liking that 1000 times !
and I know that place, not as often as I would like though.

glad you got the meaning of that phrase. thanks so much for coming and contributing. it's very kind.

i appreciate the kind comments and wish you peace.

Goodness, Nell, that sounds so very nice!


A wonderful story nelladell. You are blessed to have found such inner peace.

This is loveliness. :)

She is a loving soul :)

I think I understand the message here. My friend, you've found that peace inside within yourself and have no desire for extrinsic distractions. This made me smile. If only we all could learn to have such inner peace.

all we have to do is get inside where it is, and, as you affirm, it's well worth the trip. thanks, affi.

I've only had glimpses at such peace, but hopefully one day my time will come when I am capable of such a thing.

as you work to quiet the mind, you'll get there sooner than you probably think. we tend to get discouraged when we find the mind wandering -- when it refuses to relax so that we can enter that stillness within. what experience tells me, though, is that we need not be bothered when we catch the mind misbehaving as long as we bring it back each time -- that what matters is our intention -- our goal and our regular unswerving work toward it. Of course, method matters -- a lot -- but, having found that path, it's the determination to keep on keeping on, not being set back by setbacks. You can certainly do it.

oops. Affi I know you will forgive, but i want to say that i know that you have all you need to get what you want without unsolicited advice or comments. please don't let my escaped uppityness make you think that i have anything but respect for you.

It did not seem like uppityness at all. You have lived more and had more experiences to become what you are. It takes time to gain such wisdom and years of learning. It's not just given to us.

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I called my ex-husband a human DOING while I am a human BEING. There IS a difference!!

You have a point there, Datura.

Perhaps he is not quite ready Ceridwyn. We all do things and become what we need to be in our own time.

.Nelladell, I loved this story.

Being instead of doing. Being instead of wanting.

Just being, and at peace with it. Enjoying it. It is a grand resting place.

Yeah. Being. Beingness. Good place. Thanks.