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recently my husband, john, has found out that i have ****** around on him for years with countless men..his reaction to this has been interesting to say the least..he doesn't **** my **** anymore, he only ***** our girlfriend (who lives with us).. he says that there have been way too many ***** in me for him to be bothered with my well used ***** anymore (he does regularily **** my *** though),, but he also says that my years of experience servicing others with my body for free shouldn't be wasted..he thinks that maybe i should keep getting ****** by others, just charge for it..after all, in his mind, the only reason not to call me a ***** before was because i didn't charge..i'm sure that very soon he will arrange to 'pimp' me out and at the grand old age of 56 i will start a new job as a prostitute..i actually am looking forward to it and want to see if men are willing to pay to have sex with my 'mature' body..it is making me hot thinking about it and many fantasies have gone through my mind..take a look at my pictures and tell me if you would..i do know that i am a fantastic **** and no man would leave me unsatisfied  ;->


51-55, F
6 Responses Dec 11, 2009

I would love to **** a mature and very experienced *****. Please add me to your list of friends so that I can **** to your pictures.

Every man like to **** a *****. You will do well,

I love mature women, there is something very attractive about an old and experienced **** like yourself. Add me, and I'll tell you what I would do to you ;)

Just found your stories. You write really well about an exciting life. Power to you. Sure, try becoming a pro. Just another chapter/adventure. You go, girl!

I bet you'd be very much in demand. I'd love to try you out.

You may as well get paid for something you are doing anyway.