And For The Better...

First of all, my girlfriend is pregnant. It's not something we planned but both of us are very happy about this new turn of events. My daughter (who is staying with us this summer) is overjoyed and hopes it will be a sister for her. We will soon find out.

I have written here about my friend Misuk, 61 years old, widowed, Korean. She has become a big part of our lives. It was my girlfriend's idea, really. She was going home to Nicaragua for a month and had talked with Misuk about "looking after" me. She practically lives with us now and, indeed, I have suggested to her that she might as well sell her house. She won't do that but it is great having her with us all the time. I think it has been good for her. She now exercises regularly, and has colored her hair. I know she will be a big help to my girlfriend as the pregnancy progresses. For purely selfish reasons, it is a pleasure having her around. She is usually nude when she's here (and I really like looking at her) and I enjoy making love with her.

Life is good.
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After I posted this last summer, things took even more changes. In September, my girlfriend lost the baby and soon after decided that she was going to go back to Nicaragua. One Saturday, she disappeared into a taxi and I have not spoken to her since. Calls to her family yield nothing. Needless to say, it was a rough time for me. The only bright spot for a while was my friend Misuk who essentially moved in with me to look after me. And, I really needed "looking after." It was a welcome sight to come home from work and find her home, more often than not completely nude, straightening up or cooking. <br />
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Right before Christmas, her daughter came into town to visit us and one day when Misuk was away at her part-time job (she doesn't need to work--just likes it), her daughter and I had a long conversation. In the beginning, she said, she was opposed to the relationship. She didn't like her mother being "second place" with me. Her own father, she said, hadn't always treated Misuk all that well. She told me that she knows her mother loves me. She reminded me that her mother now takes regular exercise and colors her hair and (I suspected this simply because, well, she tasted different), she was getting hormone replacement therapy. All of this, her daughter said, to make ME happy and keep me interested. She asked that I treat her mother well.<br />
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I got to thinking about how much Misuk meant to me and, on New Year's Eve, I asked her to marry me. She said yes. My daughter is overjoyed and her daughter and the two grandkids are also quite happy. We are going to marry in May when school is out and our families can be there and we can take a honeymoon.<br />
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Life is good. We live in my house (it's bigger) and we will be renting hers out in the Fall. Should my ex-gf demand her half of the house, I can pay her so that is not a worry. Misuk and I spend most of our time together nude at home. She still sees her girlfriends but they come over and I can say I have never been more content just being home. With spring coming, I'll be getting the pool ready and during the summer we can spend our weekends there. <br />
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I'm happy.