I know my redeemer lives because time and time his faithfulness has been shown in my life. I will start with recently.  I am going through some hard times right now.  It seems like wherever I turn there sits a new problem and they compile.  I admit sometimes it hurts.  Bt even in the worst of situations I have found God is still on his throne.  I find when I get discouraged the Lord lets me know I am not alone by sending someone to bring his message or something he does that again and again shows me who he is.  As I look at the beauty of creations I see the life of my redeemer demonstrated.  But most of all it i the redemption I have experienced from sin.  Once I wanted to die because I was chained to sins I hated.  I was addicted the things that ripped my life to pieces.  I hated my life at one time and cursed my creator.  I did not think I would ever smile again.  I tried to kill myself but it was not my time.  But my redeemer met me.  I addicted to sex, drugs and everything else.  I lost all...I thought they would put me in prison and throw away the keys.  It was than I cried out to God and he came into my life that was on Dec 10 2000.  Now I am married to an ordained minister and working on a college degree.  Today life is not perfect and I have alot to work through, but I AM REDEEMED from sin.  It is this freedom that keeps me etranlly grateful to my Lord.

Claypalace Claypalace
Dec 29, 2009