Body Of A Human/soul Of A Wolf

I feel like normal human beings don't understand me at all. I tell them that I have a wolf in my soul & they think I need to get help or something. I howl at random times, raw meat isn't that bad, I tackle & snarl when I get in a fight & I get very protective of others even in a small situation. I just want a female wolf like me. She has to be kind,good talker,funnny, has manners & family must always come first.
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Hi' im here for awnsers. I'm only 12 ok, I can bark like a dog, I can growl,howl and I can do other animal noises, I love meat and stuff like that I feel like my soul is not human but as you said wolf, I have no idea what to do and I'm really protective of my sister and family, I think my K9s are growing and getting sharp same as my nails what are my?! From Teigan

I am confused as well about the wolf side of makes no sense and there just no info out there to explain it...sincerely Amorak

My wolf is restless, I would like to find other people a "pack" to belong with.

Do you suffer when you lose a member of your pack because i lost my homer (dog) and life just seems to heavy.... I do believe in being loyal to my companions and manners are something that i strongly support. Im an awesome leader and a man always looking for a fight.

Although i dont howl.....

We hear you, were going throigh the same thing.

Your not weird. Be yourself. Stay true to who you are

yea i feel you man my stories relate.

If only the "full humans" were more understanding and accepting to the people around them... That's the problem with others.

I'm like that too... at least, i've been told that the reason why i feel so close to wolves etc is 'cause i've got the soul of a wolf... but I don't get one or two things: Who we are and what differs between us and humans? Can someone please answer me?

I know how you feel. trust me people don't get me either

arrooooo me two bro

i i think its better the fewer people that know cause there are hunnters out there that will kill u with no delay even if its at church or school or anywere

mhm the fewer the smarter & better

trust me i know exactly how u the same way...but i feel my best friend knows exactly about my <br />
secreat and she just exeps it...u gotta let the right people know...some get it spme dont...hummens are so cunfuzzing arnt they

I told my pack &amp; thats it. Not one person in my family, because they never take me seriously &amp; they think I am a joke &amp; crazy

I know how you feel