It's Only About Love

I'm a Ghost:

I used to think that something was wrong with me...Sometime I was in love and sometimes I wasn't, but expected to be...
It's not easy to live a youth of emotional roller coasters too often...I did, because too much turbulence was around my family. Very intense, good, and bad times, often happy and sad. I decided to make it on my own and eventually left Italy. Thank God I made it alright after over 20 years in America!

I grew up strong!
I met the strangest people in the world, but now I'm at peace, I went to college I graduated to work with doctors,...I acted, as an actress and had fun,... went horseback riding around the mountains,...To sing and dance @ karaoke clubs for years, I did a lot of stuffffff!!!!!!!!
I'm getting tired of using so much energy, but I feel very happy and blessed!

So, instead of staying at home with family in between turbulence, I created my own turbulence for a while, with many very emotional moments, but at the end of the day, for my own peace, harmony and tranquility...Now I live happy.

I feel like the natural fountain!!!

However, still in my days as I feel getting a little older, it's always a wonderful thing for me to be able to wear some stockings and high hills every once in a while, and get in touch with the woman within. After all, we live in a dimension of illusions. I'm a Ghost and I'm having FUN! ♥


Isabellaaa Isabellaaa
51-55, F
Jan 17, 2013