She Is Waiting

Met her (I will call her M) in early September 1974; she had a beautiful baby boy and a BF.  The BF treated her like a servant and closed his son in a room so his TV wouldn't be interrupted by the noise.  After knowing her just two days I moved her and her son into my apartment, and on November 23rd 1974 we were married.

I legally adopted Frank as my own son, and changed his middle and last name, in January 1975.  We had another son in November 1975, bought a home in June 1976 and had a daughter in September 1977.

In early 1980, M, became good friends with a neighbor lady (I will call JD) who was partially crippled by polio when she was three. JD had a husband and a daughter and some really bad habits that I didn't know about at the time.  JD introduced M to smoking pot, snorting coke, and black male sex partners. In may 1980 M just disappeared; she had left town with the carnies and left me with our children. In August she wanted to come home so I sent money for bus fare from SC back to NY.

Things were good for a month, then she started seeing a married black fellow (J1) while I was at work, 2nd shift. One evening I left work an hour early. I don't even know why, but I think the clocks were off an hour that night. I got home and found M and J1 going at it on the sofa. I tossed him and his clothes out of the house. M would not stay and tried to catch him but ended up walking around for an hour or so. I called a sitter and went to find M. After a long talk, M decided to move out.

We divorced in May 1982. She now had a single black BF (J2) and Frank lived with them. M watched all the children while I worked and I had Frank with me and the other kids every weekend. In July 1988 M, J2, and Frank moved to FL. J2 had promised M a nice new home and had pictures of it; in FL, the stories started and the home never existed.

M worked at a convenience store and February 1989 she tossed J2 out. We talked about making a go at life together again and M was off the weed and other stuff. J2 came back to the FL apartment on March 3 to collect his pot and paraphernalia. A struggle ensued and he murdered her with a lamp cord around her neck. Frank found his mother when he got home from school.

To this day I fully believe that M and I would be growing old together as we used to talk about.  She is waiting at heaven's door for me.


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2 Responses Mar 24, 2009

What a story--literally did an OMG! You are a special man!

People live an entire life time looking for their true love and don't find it. you were her knight in shining armor. How I would love someone to come and rescue me (single Mom too)! She was a fool and payed a high price.<br />
<br />
Her son finding her is heartbreaking. She could not have known though. <br />
<br />
My heart goes out to you. Please try to forgive her and especially yourself.