She Picked Me

That's a good place to start.  She could have picked anyone, but she picked me, and that's wonderful all in itself.

But there is so much more.  Where does a person begin to explain just how wonderful his wife is.  I wake in the morning next to her, and the first thing I notice is how beautiful she is and how wonderful it feels to wrap my arms around her.  I fall asleep to the same beautiful woman, snuggled into my arms, and as I hold her, I give thanks for her being there.

Everything in between is just amazing.  All the little things she does to make my day wonderful are not only noticed, but I try and return them to make her day just as superb.

But it's more than just that.  She is my best friend, and there for me no matter what.  I can talk to her about anything and everything.

Even when I mess up, she is there for me.  She is forgiving and non-judging and willing to do her best to understand.  When my faults are most prominent, she is there with a smile, telling me it's my imperfections that make me beautiful.  She is just always there.

Yes, we have our disagreements and our skirmishes, but she never holds things against me and she is always willing to listen.  She is willing to compromise and meet me half way if that is what is needed.

She is not afraid to tell me when I'm wrong, when I'm out of line and when I need to get my sh!t together.  but she doesn't do it in a condemning or complaining way.  She is positive, accepting, and understanding.

She is my lover, my best friend, my soul-mate, and if needed, my care-giver.  She is everything and the word wife just doesn't do justice.

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9 Responses Jul 31, 2008

Thank you. I didn't write it to impress, only to express. I'm glad you have found someone who knows how to appreciate a woman.<br />
<br />
Now, if only we could get more husbands and boyfriends to join the group and post some stories here. It would be wonderful to see that there are lots of wonderful men out there that really appreciate their women...

This is one of the best I have read here on EP!<br />
<br />
It is the most wonderful thing in the world when a man can show his love this way. <br />
I truly know what it is like to be adored and appreciated!<br />
I could have asked for a better guy.

Thanks so much. It is depressing that no one else has joined and shared a story. It does make a person wonder why more husbands are so timid about posting anything here, perhaps their EP gf's wouldn't understand...

This is really a great post.... although I find it very depressing that you are the ONLY member in this group! You can't possibly be the only one who feels this way (can you??!!)

Thank you, again. I'm no superhero, just a husband who appreciates the most wonderful gift in my life, the love of a wonderful woman, my wife.

Fabulous.<br />
You are my new EP superhero.'s refreshing to hear a man say "he loves his wife" She is a lucky woman. I'm jealous...;-)

That's wonderful. In fact it's inspiring.

I have been married to a wondeful woman too, we were at first childhood sweet harts, for many years until I went to a private high school, but after that we dated, and it took me two times to ask her father if I could marry his younger daugter, I am now married 23 years wonderful caring loving sharing years