Spread Her Legs For The Boss

My wife had an affair with the President of the company she was working for at the time that lasted for about 4 years off and on. She was 30 years old and he was 60 years old and swears to this day it was best sex she's ever had. She was about 5-6 removed from him on the corporate ladder so he wasn't her direct boss, but close enough.

It was the ultimate cuckold experience to have a man almost twice my age ******* my wife on a weekly basis. I was amazed by his stamina and his ability to satisfy my wife in ways I've never been able to. He was a huge ****** and ****** her bareback the entire time (she was on birth control).

I was already a cuckold or at least developing into one before they became lovers (this was not her first time outside of our marriage), but this definitely sealed the deal. He ****** her more in those 4 years than I have in 14 years. She spent many nights at his house, but always came back to share the spoils with me and tell me how great it was while I licked her clean. Unfortunately I never got to watch them together, but my mind was able to provide enough imagined scenes to thoroughly excite me.

She only stopped because we moved away, but there is always the chance that she will go visit him again.
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my wife had a boss her ****** her regularly in her past although not since we've been together...would love to see her experience that again!

Love your story. My wife would have loved to be a **** for her boss. She dressed sexy for him all the time. They had drinks one night and she sent me a message to tell me that he wanted to **** her. Unfortunately, he did back out. He was worried about getting caught by his girlfriend.

Fortunately my wife's boss never had to worry about his wife catching him with my wife because he was in a long distance marriage the whole time he was ******* my wife.

My wife ****** her boss for 3 yrs then he quit the company and left the state. I knew this was happening because she would bring his *** home in her well ****** *****. *** would be down to her knees when I started to clean her up and she would *** with my tongue ******* her fresh fuckwed ****.

Thanks for the comments mikeanddeb. I did get to have a partial experience like you describe. One time my wife was meeting me at a bar with some friends of ours and she went there early to go on a date with her boss. I was the first of our group to arrive and it was amazing to see them standing at the bar with their backs to the door and seeing his hand holding her ***!

I've had the fantasy of my wife ******* her boss. The reality is that she hasn't been in a situation where ******* her boss was a possible. But the thought of my wife being the bosses mistress just drives me wild. I would love to be in that situation where you go to her office Christmas party and have to watch as she spends more time dancing and flirting with her boss than with you.

maybe even see them disappear and u know they are ******* in private while the party goes on.

nice! congradulations to you both!

Then you both know how amazing it can be.

my wife likes to **** her bosses too!

hot story. your wife is like mine loves to **** bosses.