My Wife Opends Her Legs When Ever She Wants Too!

My wife spreads her legs for other men when ever she wants too with me knowing or not. Great turn on for me to know my wife maybe with a lover at any given time!
Willboo Willboo
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Your wives are just soo hot, boys. Wow , I'm mpressed with how your relationshps actually benefit form the sexy, wlld, slutty behavior of the gals..... whew - I envey you all - including the wives and boyfriends too... sd

I bet you would "pantiesscent" but then again I don't think you have the **** that could please my slutty wife!

slipper99, that might change if she fines the right guy who turns her on big time then you might not see her to often! My wife ****** her first boyfriend every night for a week when they first met then after at least four times a month! Don't push her let her fine the right guy!

The thrill is not only for me her screwing another man but for my wife also! She get the benetifts of me sharing her screwing other men when she so desires! What woman wouldn't want to screw a guy and when she got home still have her husband waiting for her with opend arms knowing she just been in another mans bed! There are times my wife prefers to be in another man arms in bed rather then me and so she does! Not too many women have that option!

Sounds like we might have the same rules! Some times the rules are broken and thats when a probalem arrises! We have ups and downs mostly I like it better when she has a lover she see's all the time and only sees him, you might call him her bodfriend! They can **** any time and doesn't have to tell me but I prefer she does!

That is also one of our rules. She has latitude but usually I like her to tell me before she does but this is not always practical. At times I like to be surprised by her coming home wet, but that is just another way to tell me what she's been doing.<br />
<br />
Any way what is the thrill if I DON'T know? the whole point of her ******* other men is for me to know about it.<br />
<br />
But a simple note, call or text message to let me know she is going to be late so I know where she is is always appreciated

My wife never ***** a guy with out telling me after, one of our rules! I've had lots of her lovers ********'s and for watching it's one of the biggest thrill's for me and she knows it! She called me once while she was ******* guy she had just met and I got to hear it all....dam was I hot!

This is a turn on but only if you find out about it after or else where is the thrill?<br />
It's fine for her to go out and have sex but what is the point from your perspective unless eh brings that juicy ******** home to you.<br />
Better yet to watch.

I agree ukopen! Mine does!

I must admit my wife doesn't take on that many guys, hell she wouldn't have time for me but she does have a lounge she goes to often by her self (Monday nights) and agan has the option to have a one night stand if she so desires and believe it or not most of the time she comes home with out but if it gets real late I know she is with some guy and probably won't be home until real, real late!

My wife says she is more relax when alone with a lover and can have many more ******'s when she is alone! Thats why most of the times she takes on a lover she prefers to be alone and usually is!

Your in!.........................

Thanks, she is one hot ***** and if one plays there cards right they might get into her pants!

"No" not really! In that case my wife would be ******* every minute of the day, she is one horny woman! Only if the opportunity is there and most of all if she is hot enough! SHE KNOWS SHE HAS OPTIONS!

willboo should all wives be easy. should spread thier legs just at the thought of ******* other men

........ :)

My wife would be considered "easy" then!

mine too. i have talked to people that knew my wife in jr high and high school way back when and ever one would tell me my wife had the rep as being one of the easiest girls in school. always a guaranteed ****

ivo13 i have to agree wifes should **** at least one and maybe more every day

On the average my wife may take on a lover maybe three or four times in one month but if she has a boyfriend that she see's only him then she might **** him every weekend and some times during the week! It is when she has a boyfriend that she is very, very active.

always love when wife spends the night with a lover

Over night with a lover now is not a unusual thing other then her comming home so late!

That has happen many times since since our rules have changed although never that late!

Can't imagine the thought of being asleeep at 3AM, and the feeling of a warm ******** being lowered to awaken me..........mmmm You lucky man.