She ****** Her Boss On A Business Trip

Bridget traveled with her boss to Dallas to participate in lawsuit mediation.  They left late afternoon and were due to return the next night.  However, the mediation didn’t end until the evening, so they rescheduled their flight for the next day. 
Bridget is attractive at 44.  She has shoulder length blonde hair and a slim figure.  Her boss is older but kind of attractive in a distinguished way. 
Several months after the trip, we were having a few drinks and getting sexual when I asked her about being with other men.  She knows this excites me, but I expected to hear about her previous boyfriend and some of their escapades.  Instead, she surprised me by talking about her business trip.  I was kind of shocked by very aroused to hear.  I’ll tell it in her own words. 
“Ted and I finished our mediation and decided to find a nice restaurant for dinner.  We drove for a while and went in to a swanky steak place.  We ordered wine and food.  It was a very long dinner, but we had a nice time talking while sipping wine.  I know we had several glasses.  After dinner, Ted asked if I wanted to go to a club but I was kind of tired.  We got back to our hotel and took the elevator up to our rooms.  My room was right next to his. 
We got to my room first, and went to hug like we usually do on a trip.  We also hug a lot after work, so there has been an attraction for a long time.  Ted said he had fun and also said he loved me.  This wasn’t the first time he said that, and I usually reply by saying, “You’re sweet.” 
I went into my room and he left.  After about 20 minutes, my phone rang.  It was Ted asking if we could talk some more.  I was already getting ready for bed and taking my contacts out, but I reluctantly said OK. 
He came over with a bottle of wine I guess from his room.  We had a hard time opening the wine and laughed a lot.  Before long, we finished the wine and just sat talking.  When he got up to leave, he again came in for a hug and kissed me on the cheek.  I kind of kissed him back and then our lips came together.  In a second, our tongues were touching and he was rubbing against me.  I could feel he was very hard and pressed my pelvis against him. 
We kissed for a while and he started to undress me.  In a minute, I was standing in my panties and nothing more.  I started to open his shirt as he undid his pants.  I was excited so I touched the outside of his pants to feel his erection as he felt my *** through my panties. 
I pulled down his underwear and started to stroke his ****.  He was very thick and his ***** head was really big.  I backed up to the bed and sat down to take his **** into my mouth.  I softly sucked him and felt his balls.  After a while, he lifted under my arms and put my on the pillow.  After taking down my panties, he started to kiss my belly and inside my legs.  I was getting so excited.  He slowly looked at my vagina and inserted his finger before starting to lick and suck my clitoris.  He ate me for a long time until I had an ******. 
He lay next to me on the pillow and we kissed as I stroked his **** and played with his balls.  He was dripping pre-*** that he used to lubricate me as he rubbed his penis up and down my **** and ***.  He slowly began to insert his thick ****.  I felt the pressure on my G-spot from the fatness of his ****.  We kissed as he went in and out until I started to feel highly aroused, as I got ready to climax.  We had our mouths open in a kiss as he **********.  We slept nude in the bed and ****** again in the morning.”
As Bridget told me her story, I was so excited I wanted to immediately **** her.  We got undressed and under the covers as I felt her *****.  I couldn’t wait to go in and came so much hearing her story.  She said she’ll tell me more soon. 
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wow so hot add me please

My wife Sonali is an interior designer. She works only for selective few projects for 5 star hotels, resorts etc. Once during the visit to site at Maldives, she travelled and stayed in Maldives with her client, a big industrialist and businessman. She obliged the business man after signing of very big contract. She narrated the whole story in detail. I shall write whenever get time.

I "know" my wife has done the same with at least one business associate and probably more though never had any direct proof and she has never admitted it. She did get very wild and showed her slutty side at one business event I attended.