Looking For A Bull

I've recently been made aware that my wife is trying to find a bull to have  sex with from time to time. She often actively looks for them when she travels on business and sometimes when she goes to bars after work. A few years ago, she had an affair with a very well hung guy and enjoyed both sucking and then being ****** by his long, thick ****. She has told me that she needs to have that kind of experience again. We have had an open marriage for many years and when she does have sex with a man, she will share the details as part of our foreplay the next time we ****. I'm not small but I'm certainly not as big as some of the men she discovers. Her "hunting" method is to go to bars or dance clubs, make herself available to meet men and then find a way to "sample the goods" by rubbing against them or boldly reaching out to grab a guys ****. She's traveling right now and I'd be surprised if she hasn't found a guy to fill her the way she desires. When this happens, I can usually tell by things she says in our nightly phone calls. She never comes out and tells me right then what is going on but hints at the situation she is involved in. I then know I will get an erotic account of what transpired later.All of this occurs with my approval based on our understanding that we are both free to experience sex with others.

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>how good is it when a **** sucker plays with a sissy. I am a sissy. my wife tells me what I must do? I want her ***** to be pounded by her bull, I love bulls!

I want my *** ******, I want my **** ******* in his mouth, I want to watch her being over me, because I am a nothing in her eyes, a piece of nothing

Wow, the perfect arrangement!! Good for you both!

Does she ever come to western Canada?

Neat story, I've done the same with my wife only she just loves any ****.

Good and sexy story. I also love when my wife travels because you never know what adventure she may have